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A Creative Writer’s Guide to What Not to Do

by Nathan Zachary

Creative writing is writing for the purpose of communicating thoughts emotions, feelings, or feelings instead of to convey information. It’s a challenging art to master as there is always the possibility of improvement. One method to get close to mastering this art is to attend an undergraduate college located in Surat in another town in which they are focusing on creative writing alongside other areas of study.

Ny Publishers trying to become an author of great talent, practice is the only way to become the best. If you’re an author, poet biographer or aspiring novice, here are the mistakes you can do to make your writing better.

1. Don’t Give Up Reading

Anyone who isn’t reading other writers is in serious trouble. To be a better writer, it’s essential to understand what you are doing and that reading books by other authors is essential. If you’d like to be a novelist, then read novels. If you’re poet, you should go through poetry. Stop reading poetry will result in a lack of growth in your writing abilities.

2. Don’t Plagiarize

It’s easy for you to believe that you’ll never be tempted to copy other people’s work, however the temptation to copy paste an author’s work and claim it your own. You can also alter the words of an author’s words and make that work your own. But, it will not harm your reputation and credibility among the readers.

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3. Don’t Use Big Words

In the past, books were written with poetic prose that people didn’t mind. Nowadays, however, the readers’ attention spans are much shorter, and they don’t want to go through a book full of complex prose and ambiguous words. Provide them with a captivating story that’s written in concise, easy and powerful sentences.

When you sit down to write, it may make you question your writing abilities But, you must shut off those thoughts within your head. Yes, it can take time to master how to write however, it’s not impossible. The best way to enhance your writing skills is to practice continue to practice. Additionally, take an BA program at the top college in Gujarat or other states. This will not only help improve your writing, but aids in understanding the vast array of subjects which can assist you in writing the perfect book or poem.

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