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A Global Pandemic’s Impact on Sport

by Nathan Zachary
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Over two hundred thousand people have been impacted by the coronavirus epidemic, which is currently wreaking havoc on the world. Extreme efforts are being implemented worldwide to try to slow down and stop the spread of the potentially fatal virus, as the death toll has already approached 9,000. The majority of government organisations now advise, at the very least, social seclusion. Sport is one of the most impacted industries since major events have been cancelled or delayed to avoid concentrating too many people in one location at once. Construction of 3G football fields and synthetic cricket fields has stopped all over the world, and the remaining stadiums and playing fields are empty and empty of spectators.

Instead of spectators congregating on an artificial football field where they could potentially spread disease to one another, there were discussions taking place throughout the UK about games taking place behind closed doors, still being televised for people to watch from the comfort of their own homes. Even this, though, came to an end once coronavirus was found in multiple athletes. With Euro 2020 being postponed and cancelled, football has practically been placed on hold throughout the world.

Although the majority are aware of the virus’s severity and potential effects, fans all over the world have expressed outrage. The fans will still be strongly devoted to their clubs, so it’s unlikely that this will spell the end of the sport, but it will at the very least keep building on 3G football fields throughout the world quiet for a few months. Additionally, it has been advised that people avoid going to pubs and bars, which could lead to the closure of those establishments, especially without the additional revenue from visitors who come to watch athletes on artificial cricket or football fields.

While many minor clubs made an effort to continue, the majority have imitated the bigger leagues and postponed or cancelled games or seasons. A grassroots club’s pitch renovation or replacement may be complicated by this, which could be problematic for the businesses hired to build 3G football fields and install synthetic cricket pitches. There is a great deal of uncertainty and fear about their future as the economy enters yet another recession, as is the case with every industry in the globe right now. It would not be shocking to see some of these businesses go out of business as a result of the sports groups and schools in the area having to cancel or reschedule their events.

Basketball and other sports have also been impacted; the Grand National was cancelled and the NBA’s current season was postponed as a result of players testing positive for the virus and organisations attempting to prevent huge gatherings. Japan is still certain, nevertheless, that they will host the Olympics this summer, complete with a packed stadium.

Only time will tell how long the coronavirus will impact athletic events and how many artificial football pitch design and creation businesses will successfully weather the pandemic.

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