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A leading Example of Targeted Therapy

by Nathan Zachary
anastrozole price

Anastrozole tablet is an aromatase inhibitor commonly used to treat breast cancer. It works by blocking the action of the enzyme aromatase. Which is responsible for converting hormones like testosterone and androstenedione into estrogen. It is considered a “targeted therapy” because its effects are selective. It meaning only works in areas where aromatase activity is present. Although anastrozole is widely used in cancer treatment, little is known about its effects on cognitive function. 

Results from recent studies

Recent studies have suggested that Anastrozole 1mg Tablet may have an effect on cognitive function. A 2020 study published in Nippon Rinsho found that anastrozole tablet increases the number of dendritic cells in the hippocampus and enhances cognitive performance by increasing the number of neural connections, stimulating synaptic plasticity, and improving the functional networks of the brain. Additionally, anastrozole 1 mg tablet has been found to affect the expression of certain hormones, such as cortisol which is involved in memory and concentration.

Successive results from further studies

Another study published in Behavioral Neuroscience, conducted with Wistar rats, found that anastrozole can improve cognitive functions such as memory consolidation and recognition. The study also suggests that anastrozole use can help reduce anxiety levels, which can potentially improve overall cognitive functioning in individuals. 

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Other side risks associated with anastrozole

It is important to note that while research has found that anastrozole dose has the ability to improve brain function in some areas, there can also be adverse effects. For instance, anastrozole has the potential to cause hot flashes associated with menopause, which can be a distraction for individuals and potentially interfere with cognitive processing. Furthermore, anastrozole effects has been linked to an increased risk of stroke in some cases, and the drug can potentially interact with other medications a patient may be taking.


the effects of Anastrozole Price tablet on cognitive function have yet to be fully explored, but initial research indicates that it may have a beneficial effect on brain health. The need for further research in this area is clear, and more studies should be conducted to better understand the potential effects of Anastrozole on cognitive functioning.

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