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A Quick Review Of CLX Gaming Mid Size Computer Case

by Nathan Zachary

I think computer cases do not receive enough attention in the gaming world. Yes, there are some nice people out there reviewing computer cases, but most gamers are focused on getting ever more FPS out of their systems, leaving case architecture out of the discussion.

So, today I will review one of my favorite cases so far, and tell you why you should buy it when you’re ready for your next gaming PC build.

Horus: CLX Gaming Mid Size Computer Case
CLX Gaming is a computer integrator run by veterans in the gaming world. I find that their builds pack a lot of punch no matter the price range.

They offer their Horus custom mid-size computer case series for their mid-range gaming PC configurations. I went for the default model on their website, which is manufactured by Phanteks, just to see how good they are at choosing their base models.

When I received my PC, I immediately noticed that this was a case made for performance. No bells and whistles, no fancy RGB, or anything you don´t strictly need for gaming. It looks extremely solid, and the design is quite compact for being an ATX chassis.

I had reservations about airflow when I saw the front mesh. It was way too fine for my liking and worried about negative pressure issues that forced unfiltered air in from the bottom. However, when I checked the bottom PSU intake, it included an air filter as well, so I don’t expect much dust buildup.

The top mount can fit 140mm fans with ease. However, CLX gaming offers extremely neat closed liquid cooling options with nice-looking radiators that fit there like a glove. This was also a boon as you don’t have to worry about installing tall heatsinks on your CPU. However, this mid-size computer case provides enough clearance for those who don´t trust liquid and prefer stuff like the more robust Noctua CPU heatsink towers.

Since the Horus mid-size computer case has enough room for an EATX, I went for the 1000w Phanteks Amp modular PSU. As expected, it fit like a glove and didn’t give me any problems. The cutouts for wiring were more than adequate, and the case comes with Velcro straps that help keep things tidy on the inside.

One thing I liked was the HDD caddy system. It is toolless and allows you to swap drives in a second as the power and data cords are installed facing the front of the chassis. This is a very clever mechanism that will make my life easier in the long run.

I read somewhere that this particular case posed ventilation and airflow problems because it only comes with one stock cooling fan. Listen, if you´re investing in a high-end PC that requires this much space, you must be ready to get your cooling game in order and put some money on decent and quiet fans. Moreover, this is a base mid-size computer case built to do its job and its job alone, and it does it extremely well.

When we fired our system up, the airflow proved to be extremely efficient, keeping my RTX 2080 a tad over 40°C when running tests, and the whole thing was surprisingly quiet when playing Cyberpunk 2077. I can´t wait to try this setup with dual graphic cards.

In conclusion, the Horus mid-size computer case is the best option if you want a high-end computer but only want to invest in components that are strictly necessary. If you want to give this case a try, do yourself a favor and get it from CLX Gaming. Their expert gaming computer builders will help you pick the right components or make sure you take full advantage of this incredible case.

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