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Advantages of using nitrogen gas in industry

by Nathan Zachary

    Many industries make use of nitrogen gas for different purposes in their industries. Trimech India is the manufacturer and supplier of PSA nitrogen gas for a long time now. They manufacture nitrogen by PSA method. Nitrogen is colorless and odorless gas and it has several industrial applications. Being inert by nature, many industries make use of nitrogen gas. 

    To know about some of the applications of nitrogen in the industries, read this blog.

    • Food and beverages industry: It is most commonly used in packing of food products because of its inert nature. It does not react with the food; on the contrary it prevents oxidation. This property of nitrogen helps in keeping food fresh. Some beverages industries make use of nitrogen gas to make a top quality brew. Commercial food and beverages make use of nitrogen gas to sustain its freshness.
    • To calm down the reactive environment: There are some industries that carry our high-risk reactions. These reactions can be highly explosive. Therefore, to control such a high risk environment; nitrogen gas is used because of its inert nature. It simply displaces oxygen to calm down the reaction.
    • Tire inflation: Nitrogen filled tires are used nowadays by bikers and automobiles because it normally prevents tires from going flat. Another advantage is that such tires drive better, giving better mileage. It also imparts longevity to tires.
    • Eliminates Volatile Organic Compounds: At times it is a problem to dispose of Volatile Organic Compounds. In such cases, nitrogen Gas is used to solve the problem. Nitrogen is used to get rid of the VOCs so that the waste can be easily disposed off. 
    • Mines safety: Working in mines is highly risky. There can be a risk of fire or explosion in the mines. It is possible for nitrogen gas to displace oxygen and slow down the fire. It is one of the safest ways to deal with fire in mines.
    • Pharmaceuticals: Most of the drug manufactures contain nitrogen molecules in its formulation. Antibiotics and anesthetic drugs contain nitrogen in its making.
    PSA Nitrogen Plants

    Trimech India is the manufacturer and supplier of nitrogen gas. We have often installed onsite nitrogen generation plants in many industries. If you are an industry that will commonly and frequently use nitrogen gas then we recommend you to install an onsite nitrogen plant. It will become manageable and economical.

    Our team at Trimech India will come up with suggestions as per your requirement. Get in touch with us to know what your industry will need. 

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