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Airport Management: A Great Guide to Start Your Career in Aviation

by Nathan Zachary

Airport managers are in charge of overseeing all of the airport’s personnel and operations. They are in charge of ensuring that the aviation staff adheres to the various federal rules in a timely manner.

Because India’s aviation industry is expected to become the world’s third largest by 2024, a career as an airport manager could be a great opportunity in the future. By 2040, the Indian government plans to increase the number of airports from 153 to around 190-200, creating managerial job opportunities.

Airport managers in India earn between INR 5,00,000 and INR 7,00,000 LPA, and most of them pursue a bachelor’s degree in airport management or aviation, such as BBA in Airport Management, followed by other related courses, according to data on airport managers’ education levels.

Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Academy, AIMS University, Jagannath University, IIKM Business School, and others are among the top colleges that offer courses to become an airport manager. Admission to these colleges is based on both merit and entrance examinations.

Recruiters in other countries prefer airport managers who have earned the AAE credential from the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) and have at least one year of experience.

Job Description for Airport Manager

The following are the various duties that airport management courses are expected to perform as part of their job responsibilities.

Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Academy, AIMS University, Jagannath University, IIKM Business School, and others are among the top colleges that offer courses to become an airport manager.Merit and entrance examinations are used to determine admission to these colleges.

Airport managers with the AAE credential from the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) and at least one year of experience are preferred by recruiters in other countries.

Airport Manager Job Description

  • The duties that airport managers are expected to perform as part of their job responsibilities are listed below.
  • The Airport Manager’s job involves overseeing the airport’s various personnel and ensuring that the various operations run smoothly.
  • Preparing and maintaining the airport budget is part of the job description for the airport manager.
  • They are in charge of ensuring that all employees comply with federal laws and regulations.
  • Customer complaints are handled properly, according to the Airport Manager job description.
  • They also coordinate with ground staff, customer service representatives, and air hostesses to ensure that the passengers’ safety and comfort are not jeopardised.
  • They are in charge of the recruitment, training, and evaluation of their subordinates.

Preparation at the secondary school level

  • The eligibility criteria for BBA Airport Management apply to both merit-based and entrance-based examinations.
  • Candidates must have passed their most recent qualifying exam, which is the Class XII Boards.
  • A minimum aggregate of 55 percent from a recognised board is required for admission to the BBA in airport management programme.
  • Preparation for the Undergraduate Level
  • BBA in Aviation and BBA in Airport Management are the two streams from which candidates must choose wisely.
  • CET, MAH CET, and other entrance exams for BBA are available.

Preparation for the PG Level

  • Graduates with a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in airport management can also apply for tenure-track teaching positions at colleges and universities, in addition to Senior Positions in AAI.
  • The minimum aggregate requirement for an MBA in airport management is 50%.

There are various types of airport managers.

During their training days in airport security, planning, and communication, airport managers gain a lot of experience. The following are examples of airport managers:

Airport Operations Managers: are in charge of dealing directly with pilots, air traffic controllers, emergency personnel, and the general public.

Airline Relationship Manager: This person is hired to act as a liaison between airlines and airports.

Air Traffic Controllers: They are in charge of coordinating air traffic and ensuring the safety of aircraft. By transferring arriving and departing flights, they manage communications.

Ground Staff Manager: Their job entails providing information about the airline, airline schedules, luggage, ticket confirmation, and sale.

Cargo Manager: They ensure that customer service is delivered on time. Senior managers are informed about the execution and timing.

How to Become an Airport Manager: A Step-by-Step Guide

To become an airport manager, you must follow a few simple but crucial steps:

Making a Decision

Aspirants must understand that they can only pursue this career after obtaining the necessary educational credentials.

Candidates must first assess the current market situation before deciding on a course of action. Before making a final decision, the candidates must conduct a SWOT analysis. A management background is ideal in this situation.

Subjects to Consider

There is no specific subject combination offered by schools that will help them pursue their career goals, but aspirants must choose a BBA course in Airport Management after completing their 10+2.

Preparation for the Entrance Exam

The SAT, CET, and MAH CET, among others, are once-a-year entrance exams for Airport Management.. Aspirants should not be intimidated by the syllabus; instead, they should plan to cover it and revise it twice.

Salary: An entry-level Airport Manager earns approximately 5-6 LPA, while mid-level and senior Airport Managers earn more than 10 LPA per year. For some, a lucrative salary may be a motivator, but it cannot be the only one. The Airport Authority also provides allowances and bonuses to airport managers.

Job Stability

Being an agent for airlines and airports is one of the most unique jobs in the world. Because there is a growing demand for qualified BBA graduates to work as Airport Managers, there is a lot of job security.

The Career’s Positive Impact

As candidates are assigned to departments, they gain experience. Every day, assisting and managing the general public is a rewarding experience.

One-of-a-kind experience

Candidates for Airport Management must be able to multitask and manage various aspects.

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