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All About the Gold Rate in Jodhpur

by Nathan Zachary
Gold Rate in Jodhpur

Situated in Rajasthan, Jodhpur is the second largest city in the state, with a reasonable demand for gold both for investment and ornamental purposes. The yellow metal rate is determined by various factors, such as supply and demand. Also, the global economic conditions, inflation, market prices, and others impact the gold price today jodhpur. Check today’s gold price in Jodhpur to understand if it is the right time for you to make a purchase or sell off your gold for lucrative profits. 

Gold Price Today Jodhpur

What is the price of 1 gram of 22 karat gold in Jodhpur today? Today’s Gold Price (24 September 2022) is ₹ 4,756 per gram for 22K per gram. What is today’s 10 grams of 24 karat gold rate in Jodhpur? The following table compares the gold price today in Jodhpur for 22K( standard gold) and 24K (pure gold). 

WeightStandard Gold22KPure Gold24K
1 gram₹ 4,756₹ 4,994
8 grams₹ 38,048₹ 39,952
10 grams₹ 47,560₹ 49,940

Gold Price Comparison for the Last 10 Days-Daily Gold Rates

Now that you have learned today’s gold price in Jodhpur, check out how the price has been fluctuating for the last ten days.  

DateStandard Gold (22 K)1 gramPure Gold (24 K)1 gram
24 September 2022₹ 4,756₹ 4,994
23 September 2022₹ 4,756₹ 4,994
22 September 2022₹ 4,676₹ 4,910
21 September 2022₹ 4,691₹ 4,926
20 September 2022₹ 4,701₹ 4,936
19 September 2022₹ 4,691₹ 4,926
18 September 2022₹ 4,701₹ 4,936
17 September 2022₹ 4,701₹ 4,936
16 September 2022₹ 4,676₹ 4,910
15 September 2022₹ 4,726₹ 4,962
14 September 2022₹ 4,741₹ 4,978

The Highest and Lowest Gold Price in Jodhpur

Now that you know today’s gold price in Jodhpur for 22K and 24K, let’s discover how much the lowest and highest gold price in Jodhpur has been in the last three months.  

Date1 gram amount
Lowest Gold Price16 September 2022₹4910
Highest Gold Price01 September 2022₹5057

The highest gold price for 24-carat gold in Jodhpur for the month of September 2022 was 5057 rupees per gram. On the other hand, the lowest gold price was 4910 rupees per gram. 

It is also worth noting that the gold price went as low as Rs.4,792 per gram on 10 January 2022, while the maximum value reached as high as Rs.5,401 per gram on 09 March 2022. 

Gold Investment in Jodhpur

It is best to buy gold when the prices are low for the purpose of investment. The percentage of Indians who buy gold as an investment is usually low. A majority buy gold for weddings and other occasions, such as during religious ceremonies and festivals. The major gold investment options exercised in Jodhpur are as follows:

  • Physical gold: Gold gifts and jewellery sold in showrooms and outlets form the bulk of gold sales in Jodhpur. Buyers purchase gold when the prices are low and often sell them when the price increases. However, when Jodhpur has wedding seasons, the price is no bar for gold shopping. 24-carat gold coins and bars are also sold for investment purchases. Several banks and financial institutions in Jodhpur Banks offer high-purity guaranteed gold coins.  
  • Market trade: Trading virtual gold is still not very popular in Jodhpur. A small section of people opt for e-gold, Gold Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Sovereign Gold Bonds, and other schemes. Although the government launched the Gold Monetisation Scheme the previous year, it is yet to pick up pace in Jodhpur. 

Keep an eye out for the varying todays gold price of the yellow metal by searching– “gold price today in Jodhpur” to make wiser investments. 

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