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All about the Octopus

by Nathan Zachary
All about the Octopus


You’ve probably seen an Octopus before, but did you know the creature has been around for over 300 million years? Octopuses are masters of disguise, but their intelligence and ability to avoid death are even more impressive. Octopuses live in every ocean on Earth and have been known to grow up to 10 feet long; they have a jaw full of hundreds of teeth that can be used for eating or fighting off predators (and yes, they do both). Their skin is covered in thousands of tiny pores called “pinnacles,” which help them regulate their body temperature by controlling blood flow throughout their limbs. But don’t worry—while these creatures may look frightening with their many arms and tentacles ready for attack at any moment (or just looking cute), most people will never see one alive!

Octopus Anatomy

Octopuses have three hearts, which is a lot for a creature that doesn’t even have bones. They also have blue blood and no bones, so they can’t be harmed by the same type of injuries as other creatures. Their bodies are made up mainly of water (about 80 percent) with some muscle tissue and cartilage around the joints. The octopus’s head contains its eyes, brain, mouth, and nostrils; the body consists of eight arms that end in suckers (like those on an alligator).

Octopus Diet

Octopuses are known to eat a variety of foods, including small fish, crabs, shrimp, and worms. They also eat clams and snails. In addition to their natural diet, octopuses have been observed eating other octopuses as well!

While they might seem like the most terrifying creatures on the planet (and we don’t think any creature could be more terrifying than an octopus), these cephalopods are very friendly creatures who can change color to blend in with their surroundings so it’s hard for predators or prey alike not notice them.

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