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All You Need To Know About Pharmaceutical Warehousing?

by Nathan Zachary

The health and well-being of people throughout the world depend on a wide range of products that medical supply and device firms offer, ranging from surgical equipment to diagnostic testing kits (and everything in between). To successfully run their businesses and guarantee that their consumers receive these essential commodities on time, these enterprises must effectively manage their inventory and distribution procedures. Implementing medical devices and supply software is the most effective approach to achieve these goals with pharmaceutical warehousing.

Exceptional Logistics Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Temperature-controlled warehousing and logistics services are crucial for the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors recognised by pharmaceutical warehousing. The healthcare industry plagued by issues including a lack of supplies, out-of-date stocks, inaccurate of the correct items, and difficulties with procurement. Our team is qualified and experienced in dealing with these issues. It offers end-to-end automated bio pharma logistics solutions that medical and pharmaceutical supplies are shipped effectively.

Transport and Storage at Controlled Temperatures

A temperature-controlled environment is necessary for the shipping and storage medical and pharmaceutical products, including pharmaceuticals, pathology equipment, and food supplements. According to industry standards, Warehousing Express complies with certain specific requirements. With all the required amenities, we have India’s best pharmaceutical warehouse. Our fleet and warehouses are temperature-controlled, ensuring that the supplies are delivered quickly and safely. We provide bpl logistics solutions tailored and speedy delivery services for medical supplies and life-saving medications.

Batch Numbers

Inventory control is made possible, especially for perishable goods like food, vitamins, and proteins, by grouping products into batches and labelling them with unique serial numbers. These identification codes support efficient inventory management, handling, and sorting. Just this is what our crew in our healthcare warehouse with medical goods does.

Dates of Expiration

An expiration date is assigned to every batch of medical or pharmaceutical products produced, effectively stating that the products are no longer safe to use beyond that date. If the goods remain unsold in the warehouse after expiration date, they eventually destroyed.

Added-Value Services

It provides you options by providing bespoke labelling, relabelling, kitting, consignment packaging, and repackaging. To preserve the quality of healthcare items, we also carry out routine quality tests and shelf-life control procedures. To guarantee the quality of the products, our warehouse healthcare pharmacy has adopted the international standard of FEFO (First Expired, First Out) and closely adheres to it.

Additionally, we place a high priority on ensuring shelf life and recording manufacturing and expiration dates. Everything is appropriately barcoded because the products labelled with batch and serial numbers.

 Software for medical equipment and supplies can also:

  • Streamline the time-consuming manual approval process for purchase order processes
  • Manage every aspect of the warehouse with an integrated warehouse management solution (WMS)
  • Control international warehouses and logistics from the office in real time.
  • Integrate other control systems and the ERP system effectively.
  • Sync WMS and Salesforce: Connectivity sales order and fulfilment centre, APIs salesforce contracts with the inventory correctness.
  • Track products using criteria such as lot or unit, storage type (refrigerated, climate-controlled, enhanced security), and product compatibility about location.

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