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All You Need to Know About The 10 Best Goal Tracking Apps For 2022

by Nathan Zachary
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When you have no idea when you will complete the small pieces of goals in the form of tasks and when you will finish them, how can you say that you have achieved your goal?

It is necessary to constantly monitor the goals to see where you are lacking and need to focus more. Now you can track your plan digitally through your handy mobile phone and iPhone by downloading the 10 best goal tracking apps for 2022.

10 Best Goal Tracking Apps for 2022

You can also meet your goal now by planning and tracking it in any of the 10 best goal tracker apps for 2022. Below is a brief description of goal tracker apps for 2022 that can help you with goal setting and tracking every step.

1. Journy

Journy is your personal development planner. The app will help you get rid of your bad habits and get you out of your rut. It helps you find inspiration, keeps you motivated and helps you create and achieve new goals in various areas such as health, character development, mental health, finances, fitness and relationships. 

Draw your life differently!

Journy is the most impressive cross-platform companion for tracking your daily habits and plans

Fully customizable

Measure and track everything under the sun. Track your own schedule and track your own goals. Get informed any time you want to achieve something significant. 

Eliminate bad habits from your life

Basically, start tracking bad habits like nail biting, smoking or excessive drinking. It’s easier to break them down when you see examples. Journy holds you accountable. 

Add some positive habits

If you’re up for the challenge, pick up a new good habit like reading a book or taking regular walks to keep yourself fresh.

2. Strides

Strides are one of the 10 best goal tracking apps for 2022 because it’s pretty simple, easy, and organized to track your data. People who are not well-versed in charts and analytics can also use this app to see where they are on their way to their goals. You can look at four types of trackers using the step goal tracker app.

3. Way of life

Lifestyle should also be part of the top 10 goal tracking apps because it supports tracking essential habits to get things right, especially your health. It will help you support your health in 2022, whether you are looking to lose weight or gain weight. When your health is at its best, you can expect to win the world, but if you collide with poor health, you can’t achieve much.

The way of life comes with many features

Write your daily plans in the correct sections mentioning the dos and don’ts.

Simple color scheme

Note the goals you have achieved and those you have not achieved.

4. Goals on track

Another app that ranks up in the top 10 goal tracking apps for 2022 is track goals which works on both the web and mobile. It is not only easy to use, but also very interesting with its multi-tasking feature with hundreds of well-designed templates.

What does this app do to your goals?

It organizes your goals into different sections, even on one page

It breaks down each of your goals into fine pieces

It also helps you recognize milestones

Uses a vision board to develop interest and motivation in a goal tracker.

Share progress stories in a timely manner.

5. Coach me

Coach me is also a goal tracker app but it is slightly different from other goal tracker apps because it works on your personal goals like your habits. It will help you recognize your good and bad habits. By identifying the bad habits that waste your precious time, you will be able to stop using them and use your time for important and meaningful goals.

I have listed Coach me as one of the top 10 goal tracking apps for 2022 because of its self-empowerment feature. It is impossible to fix things if you do not adopt the right habits. You need to improve by effectively organizing and managing goals and time.

6. Clockify

Clockify has several success stories for the user as it is also a good option to include in the top 10 goal tracking apps of 2022. Clockify’s goal tracking app is my favorite because of its feature to configure the time you have spent on different tasks such as. This will help you decide whether you have invested your time healthily or wasted it on less important tasks.

Clockify helps you:

  • Identify large rocks
  • Manage time effectively
  • Effective use of a single page presents your success, project progress, timeline and many other things you need to track in a parallel panel.

7. HeySpace

HeySpace is user-friendly as you can add a checklist of team members and keep them properly engaged during the goal-setting and tracking process. It allows you to create your own To-Do list so that you can better track the tasks that you and your team have completed, as well as the rest.

HeySpace gives

  • A sense of trust and coordination
  • A timely reminder for effective time management
  • This goal tracker app is available for free, but the paid premium version is amazing because it includes many useful features at an advanced level.

8. Databox

The Databox goal tracking app keeps you informed about your work and the work of your team. Alerts you when your members go astray. All members of your team have access to receive notifications and alert other members to stay on track.

The data box can

  • Share your progress and that of your team
  • Warn you if you go off track
  • Remind yourself of the tasks you focus less on, but should be doing more of
  • You can use both the paid and free versions of the Databox goal tracking app.

9. Dreamfora

This goal tracker app brings you ready-made designs and features that you just need to add as per your requirements. You don’t have to design something new or organize things. In other words, it’s a very simple and time-saving app for setting and tracking goals.

Dreamfora delivers

  • Milestone setting
  • Identify good and bad habits by breaking your habits into chunks
  • Creating a to-do list

10. Assess TEAM

This is a goal-tracking management app from the top 10 goal tracking apps for 2022. A team leader can set their personal and assigned goals and track them on one page. Only the manager has access to set and track goals in this app. This app seems best for setting and tracking long-term goals and can prepare a detailed report for weeks, months, or even years.

Assess TEAM will be fun for you

Up to a thousand goal-tracking templates

Have proper permission to track targets

Better time management


At the beginning of a new year, you need to set new goals for your health, studies, career, business or any other purpose. You need to keep track of your goals without panicking about not having a pen, diary or desktop with you. You can download one of these 10 best goal tracking apps to stay updated on your goal status.

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