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Allscripts vs Cerner: Expert Picks

by Nathan Zachary
alllscripts vs cerner

Physicians have access to various online tools for practice management. Scaling a reliable EMR (electronic medical record) software can change how your clinic works. Two of the options available to doctors are Allscripts and Cerner. Each of these two provides various tools that can improve patient care. This is a comparative blog of Allscripts EMR vs Cerner so you will learn about their pricing options. 

What is the Allscripts EMR? 

Allscripts is a management solution for healthcare companies of various sizes and specialties. Users can manage appointments, staff schedules, invoicing and payment information, and more. Online access is also available to patients’ demographics, appointment history, and patient notes. Clinics should spend less time on basic administrative tasks, according to the system. The tool helps clinics streamline administrative tasks. It makes e-prescribing easier and improves processes. 

What is the Cerner EMR? 

Cerner is an EMR software that is cloud-based and designed to help health organizations. It offers tools like charting, recordkeeping, revenue management, and health analytics. These capabilities ensure precise diagnosis, treatment, and up-to-date patient data. The program is adaptable and can be tailored to the needs of any organization. It also interfaces with various other software applications to give a comprehensive solution. 

How Can Allscripts EMR Help My Practice? 

Precision Medicine 

Allscripts enables an individualized approach to pharmaceutical treatment. It does not group patients to ensure the accuracy of diagnosis and treatment. It exchanges data for research and pharmacogenomics at the same time. 


Allows physicians and patients to access prescription data. Pharmacies can access medication histories and get notifications. Depending on the patient’s current prescription, they can access data for treatment options. They can track potential drug-to-drug or drug-to-allergy interactions. 

EHR Management 

Clinicians can record and document a patient’s medical information. Physicians can save the data and use it for future reference. It supports both specialty clinics and bigger hospital groups. It offers options that differ based on whether you deliver ambulatory or inpatient care. 

Population Health 

Allscripts offers “CareInMotion,” which is its population health management platform. Ir provides patient engagement, data analytics, patient care coordination, and other services. It enables practices to investigate the health of a larger population. Physicians can focus on medical goals relevant to one’s health organization. 

What Will the Allscripts EMR Cost My Practice? 

The Allscripts EHR pricing varies depending on the size of the practice. Contact the Allscripts sales team for a tailored quote. The Allscripts sales team will offer a bespoke cost. 

How Can I Watch a Live Allscripts Demo? 

View a live demo of Allscripts software to discover more about its capabilities. During the Allscripts EMR demo, you can also ask questions about the product. To schedule a demo, please contact Allscripts support. 

How Do Users Rate the Allscripts EMR? 

It delivers smooth charting,” according to Allscripts EMR reviews. 

Allscripts is popular among users because “it provides categories for everything.” 

To start with Allscripts EMR, you need a little training. 

Some customers say Allscripts’ customer care is ineffective. 

How Can Cerner EMR Help My Practice? 


Cerner provides professionals with access to the most recent health data updates. Cerner integrates with the following systems: 

  • Cerner Millennium: This is a clinical, operational, and financial electronic health record platform. It is adaptable and interoperable, allowing it to support a wide range of strategies. 
  • HealtheIntent: A data and insights platform that connects and translates data from EHR. It provides a variety of clinical and non-clinical sources to enable meaningful actions. It can also be used to manage the outcomes of treatments. 
  • CareAware: Enables bidirectional medical device connectivity, communications, and scalability. “CareAware” capitalizes on the expectations of the Internet of Medical Things. It promotes interoperability across medical devices, healthcare apps, and other systems. 

Better Patient Engagement 

Cerner’s application features settings that enhance patient interaction. Patients have the right to be more active in their own treatment. Cerner EMR software facilitates a patient portal for better patient engagement. Patients may use the cloud-based interface to communicate with their doctors. They may also make appointments, see their medical records, and get medicine refills. Patients can also use the patient portal to submit important files or data to clinicians. 

Clinical Documentation 

You can document data with narrative, auto-text, and voice recognition. It also offers speech-to-text capabilities. Any pertinent patient information, such as prescriptions, is automatically added. 

Mobile Apps 

Using their mobile devices, providers can study patient charts. They can also get prescriptions and refills. They can also check diagnostics and verify clinical outcomes. Voice dictation aids clinicians in their paperwork. 

What Will the Cerner EMR Cost My Practice? 

The Cerner EMR software offers configurable pricing options. The cost of the Cerner depends on the size of your practice. Contact the Cerner sales team to receive a price tailored to your practice. 

Where Can I Watch a Cerner EMR Demo? 

The Cerner software demo displays the program in action from several viewpoints. Contact the Cerner customer service staff to organize a demo. 

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How Do Users Rate the Cerner EMR? 

Cerner has a rating of 4/5 on SoftwareFinder. 

According to the Cerner EHR reviews, “it is a robust practice manager.” 

Cerner’s users claim that “the product’s nature facilitate many medical institutions.” 

It has certain limitations too. For example, a lack of dashboards and reporting tools. 

Final Remarks 

For decades, Allscripts has served a diverse spectrum of healthcare organizations. It has many tools and processes for handling administrative and clerical tasks. It helps to simplify a facility’s everyday operations. 

Cerner offers comprehensive protection for sensitive medical data as well as an interface. Users also value its potential to help collaboration across diverse medical institutes. It offers reports stating a difficulty to work due to unnecessary clicks. Infrequent and delayed upgrades cause downtime, and customer help is also unavailable. 

By comparing the features of Allscripts and Cerner, you can select the appropriate option. You can also see demonstrations of these options before making a decision. 

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