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Always Consider Professionals For Your Truck Repair Service

by Nathan Zachary
truck repair service

If your truck is not starting, is making strange noises, or has other problems. You cannot identify, it’s time to find an auto mechanic for truck repair service. Finding a new mechanic in a new town might be inconvenient, but it can be far more costly. And painful if you ignore the problem. A few quick searches should yield several reputable options in your area. So one should not worry about getting ripped off by one of them. We at New West Truck Centers offer professional truck repair services in Calgary.

We have certified professionals in the following areas:

Oil Changes, Air Filter Cleaning, Dealer Inspections, Tire Rotations, Fuel Injector Cleaning and Fluid Testing. We can also assist you with the following service.

  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Differential
  • Transfer Case and more.

Common Issues And Our Solutions For Truck Repair Service

Here are some of the most common issues you may encounter with your vehicle:

1. Constant trouble starting: It could be a mechanical problem, or a weak battery could cause it. If the problem persists, it may be time for a new battery. Has our professional mechanic done your Truck Repair Service to determine the exact cause?

2. Overinflated tires, dirty air filters, or engine problems can all contribute to excessive gas consumption. Have our professionals inspect the filter and engine to rule these issues out before adjusting your tire pressure.

3. Leaking fluids: It’s important not to ignore drips under the vehicle. Because they can lead to engine damage and expensive repairs later on. Have our professionals check the hoses to determine the exact cause of the leak.

4. Squeaky brakes: A squeaky brake can indicate wear and tear or even a broken part. If you hear your brakes squealing, we can check everything associated with your brake system. Including the brakes themselves, rotors and pads.

5. Noisy belts or pulleys: A noisy belt or pulley can alert you to a serious problem with your engine. Our technicians will inspect the noise to determine. If it can be repaired or is due to a bigger problem like bad bearings in one of the pulleys.

6. When a truck fails to start, drivers spend hours trying to start it. This is the most common issue truckers face since they are rarely given a chance to test their truck. With our assistance. You will have a better chance of diagnosing the exact problem to prevent future problems with your vehicle.

7. Truck starts, but engine dies immediately: It is a very common issue that can be related to some underlying problems. like a faulty fuel injector or dirty air filter. Our Truck Repair Service technicians will determine the cause of the problem. And recommend a solution for your truck repair service.

8. Low acceleration: When you try to accelerate, your engine makes no response even if you’ve shifted gears properly into Drive. DTCs are also a real cause of this problem. Have our mechanics check all the electrical components of your engine to detect any problem. That will prevent it from working properly.


When looking for a trustworthy repair service provider, strive to find a company that offers quality Truck Repair Service. And diverse warranty plans to protect its customers. It will give you confidence that the work is being performed correctly each time. We at New West Truck Centres are pioneers in offering excellent repair services and maintenance. Our professionals are experts in performing truck maintenance and repair. We value your time, so we offer same-day services for all our customers. To know more about our services, call us at (587) 329 6934.

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