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American Lithium Commences EIA Drilling at Falchani and Awards PEA Update Work to DRA Global and Stantec Inc.

by Nathan Zachary

American Lithium is pleased to announce the commencement of environmantal impact assessments according to the hydrology drilling program. The company entirely owned the Falchani Lithium project in Southern Peru.

Besides this, American Lithium also announced that the engaged DRA global and Stantec Inc jo jointly produced the updated preliminary economic assistance for Falchani. Also, the updated PEA will only focus on incorporating the sulfate of potash and cesium and their by-products.

All these materials have increased the lithium carbonate pricing and the current drilling results. Besides providing the LIACF Stock to the general public, the company performs many important functions in an ethical way. 

Important Highlights:

The process of diamond drilling has commenced at the Falchani, which acts as a part of the EIA hydrological study. This program consists of 10 different verticle holes, and each is up to 150 meters in depth adjacent to the Falchani resources footprints. 

The different programs include the installation of downhole piezometers to monitor and regulate the water table and the logical groundwork parameters. With a parallel combination to the EIA work, the company remains focused on launching the planned infill and expansion drilling final permits. 

Also, American Lithium’s CEO said they are so excited to be the diamond drilling Falchani again for the first time before COVID-19. The company is also pleased that the work and the other successful things will allow DRA global update to the Falchani PEA.

The anticipation regarding this update will establish and improve the robust economics of the original PEA and will further highlight the quality and the scale;e of large lithium deposits. 

About American Lithium:

Besides presenting the LIACF Stock, the company presents a member of TSX venture 50 that is actively engaged in the acquisition, the exploration of the development regarding the lithium projects, and much more. 

All the projects are mining-friendly and provide jurisdictions throughout America. The company is currently focused on enabling the shift to a new energy paradigm through the continued exploration and development of its strategically located LTC lithium. 

The lithium claystone project in the richly mineralized district in Nevada continues to advance the uranium development projects in different locations. Moreover, this process exhibits strong additional exploration potential and is situated near significant infrastructure. 

About LIACF Stock:

The American Lithium Corp was established in 1974. The headquarters are established in Vancouver, Canada, with a high employment rate in recent years. 

The financial statement analysis of LIACF Stock represents the total income, revenues, and liabilities over time. However, this stock holds the current price of 1.50 US dollars on September 21, 2022. 

Also, the TSX Venture 50 is a ranking of the top performers in each of the five industry sectors in the TSX Venture Exchange over the last year.

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