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An Elaborate Poly Bags Buying Guide For Business Owners 

by Nathan Zachary
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Business owners are always looking for the best packaging materials. They wish to save some costs but not lower the quality of the product. When we think of packaging, the only thing that comes to mind is poly bags. Poly bag refers to a bag made of plastic. Did you know that PE is mostly used in contemporary manufacturing? The primary reason why people choose it is that it’s reliable and affordable. Before you start checking the price of poly tube roll, read this elaborate post that we have written just for you! This post is a buying guide for poly bags. So, just in case you are buying poly bags for your business for the first time, read this complete post now. 

The guide will help you make a wise decision – keep reading! 

Two Types of Poly Bags In The Market 

There are two types of poly bags. The first is flat poly bags that are made from seamless tubing. These flat poly bags lay flat when they are empty. You can use these to accommodate different consumer and commercial goods. From food items to different manufacturing materials – the flat poly bags can accommodate both.  

The second one is called gusseted poly bags. These are supposed to expand, so the manufacturer gives extra panels in these bags. So, the poly bag is rectangular whenever you fill it with items. Gusseted bags are best for packaging heavier items. They are also helpful for packing smaller equipment or components. However, gusseted bags are much more efficient because they are easy to ship and store. 

It boils down to what you need for your business. Do you need something that can hold heavier weight, or do you need something that can be flat when not in use? 

Which Size of Poly Bag Should You Purchase? 

Once you have decided what kind of poly bag you need, it is important to measure the product. Everyone has different requirements. Let’s say you need a flat poly bag; you would need to check the length and width. Considering the size of each component you wish to fit in the bag is also crucial. 

If you intend to put small products in the bag, then you can choose a poly bag size per the component size. Are the items heavy or light? You have to consider this factor before choosing the poly bag size.

If you opt for a gusseted bag, you must calculate the volume. As we said, gusseted bags have more space and can hold items of different weights, so this will not give you a lot to think about. 

You can also speak to the manufacturer about your needs, and they will let you know what would suit your requirement. Manufacturers have in-depth knowledge regarding this aspect. 

What Are The Common Uses of Poly Bags? 

Is a poly bag fit for your needs? You need to know the applications of these bags before placing a bulk order. For starters, poly bags are used for storing, packaging, and shipping items. 

They are used in different industries, such as food packaging. Some of the poly bags that food packaging industries use are food-safe. They keep the food safe from contamination and moisture. These two things are important when it comes to food packaging. 

Besides these two, food industries also think of leakages. When the food is in a poly bag, it is less likely to get torn. The food stays safe from spillage. 

Many food industry experts use poly bags to display bakery items, fresh produce, bulk foods, etc. 

Moving on, you will find people using poly bags for hardware packaging. Smaller poly bags are the best because they give a see-through look. Customers can see the size and shape of the hardware. 

Also, poly bags are best for bulk packaging. Plain bags are much more cost-effective than the paper bags you get. Single-use bags for grocery items are much sturdier than paper bags. 

Poly bags are ideal because they protect and contain all items, such as office supplies, home goodies, clothing, and much more. It’s a versatile bag with several uses. 

It’s a myth that poly bags are harmful to the environment. If you think about it, paper bags are made of paper. Paper is made from wood. The process of making wood destroys several trees. Destruction of trees causes a rise in global warming. In this case, making paper is not environmentally-friendly. So, it’s better to have poly bags and not paper bags. 

Concluding Thoughts 

If you are thinking about opting for an inexpensive way of packing different goods, then poly bags are the best. You must choose the right type, find a good manufacturer or bulk supplier of poly bags, and select the size based on what you will pack in the bag. 

These three things need to be kept in mind when purchasing poly bags. 

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