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An Exclusive Guide on How to Get Chegg for Free

by Nathan Zachary
get chegg answers for free

Chegg online learning is a service that offers academic support to students outside classes. The site offers discounts to the students on textbooks which can help you in your studies. 

This service has a system of monthly subscriptions for which you need to pay some fee but in this blog, we are going to tell you how to see Chegg answers free without even spending even a penny. 

Chegg usually blurs the answers until you pay and sign up for the subscription service, but this blog is going to offer you some ways using which you can very easily get the answers you want free of cost. 

Ways to View Answers of Chegg Answers free of Cost 

Below are some genuine methods which you can use for free Chegg answers so that you are able to use it. 

Method no. 1 – Using the Chegg Free Trial period

The first way is to try the free trial period of Chegg, in this four-week free trial period you can take full advantage to access limitless answers and video tutorials.  

  • The four-week free trial period will include these things – 
  • You will get access to the virtual textbooks which are available on this platform. 
  • You will get the right to use textbook rentals on this platform. 
  • You will get a one-on-one tutoring session on this platform. 

Here is how you can begin your free trial period – 

1. Step First you have to visit chegg.com and create an account on this website. 

2. StepNow, you have to fill in your email address as well as your password or you can also opt for the account that you are willing to use. 

3. Step In this step, you have to select the option of I am a student and then select whether you are a college student or a high school student. 

4. StepFill in the name of your high school or college and click on its name from the drop-down menu, and if you could not find your institution’s name you have to tap on my university is not listed. 

5. StepTap on the year you are in and then hit on create account option. 

6. StepAfter you are signed in to your account you have to click on the option of my account and then choose Payment info. 

7. StepLastly, in this step, you need to add the details of your bank account and soon after that, you can immediately start using the four-week trial period.  

After you have used the free trial period to access Chegg for free you must remember to cancel the subscription and if you want to use it again you can do by creating another account. 

Method no. 2 – Using Reddit 

 You can also find free answers on Chegg with the help of Reddit and here is how you are supposed to do it. 

Step no. 1 – The first step is to open Reddit and tap on the search bar on the screen. 

Step no. 2 – In the second step you have to type Chegg answers in the search bar and then scroll down until you find the latest subreddit for Chegg answers using which you might be able to get the answers for Chegg. 

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Method no. 3 – Using Discord 

You can get Chegg for free with the help of Discord but for this, you will need a Discord account. If you do not have a discord account you have to create one which you can do by following these steps.

1. Step – You have to open www.discord.com and then type the username you want for your account and then hit the arrow.

2. Step – You have to now complete the captcha which is there in front of the screen for you. 

3. Step – Tap on skip and then enter your email address and set a password for your account to secure your account. 

4. Step – Tap on the claim account and then click on X from the pop-up. 

Now, you will be able to login into your account and can access the answers of Chegg free of cost.

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