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An interview with Asif Ali Gohar on his Business Launch

by Nathan Zachary
An interview with Asif Ali Gohar on his Business Launch

What Goes into a Business Launch?

               Launching a business is a stressful yet exciting process and it comes with both risk and great hope. Each person will have their own way to share their new business with the world but there are some traditional factors and aspects that remain the same in every successful business launch. Asif Ali Gohar, who has created a type of vegan leather that is made with rice and related ingredients, has found his own way to launch a business.

What made you decide to have a business launch?

               Every business needs to be announced in some way, and a business launch can be whatever you want it too, but it must be done. For me it was time to tell more people about my business and about the vegan leather than I made. I was in need of investors and looking for more suppliers for the rice and other items I needed, so I had to hold a business launch to do that.

               It can look any way, online, in person, with meals or drinks and snacks, presentations that show how the items are processed and examples that people to can feel and interact with. Whatever you decide is the bet way to present your ideas to the world is how you should plan your business launch. It will not look like mine but should represent your business goals.

What were the most important aspects of the launch?

               For me the most important part was to have the right people present that would understand the importance of this brand and the leather alternatives that we have created. If the right people weren’t there than it meant nothing.

               I needed to find people who wanted an alternative, who were looking to invest in a new procedure or way of doing things, and that wanted to do what is best for the environment and the animals that we share it with. For this it had to be in the right location and at the right time, when there were no other competing businesses launching that I’d have to compete or share attention with.

               I had to keep the focus not on the event itself but on the progress that can be made with better materials and the advantages to it. I needed people to see it working and to understand how important it is.

How did you decide who to include in the event?

               I gathered information on who was looking to invest money and would have other contacts and networks that would help to support the business and help it grow. I sought the top investors in Pakistan and I looked for suppliers that would be interested in a new use for their raw materials.

What makes a business launch a success?

               It is successful if people recognize the business name and the goals later. If you find investors that are supporting your business and helping locate the things that you need to grow.

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