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Animation vs. Live Action: What to Choose for Social Media

by Nathan Zachary
Social Media Animation

A phone call or text? Pepsi or coke? Aisle or window? Beach or mountains? These decisions are important in describing who you are as a person. Similarly, we have a this-or-that query for you related to your brand’s marketing: A live-action video or an animated video for social media marketing? Your answer describes something about the brand, the message, the core values, and the objectives.

When you explore the realm of social media marketing, you’ll understand why this query is asked so frequently. You can’t just shut your eyes and aim to hit your goals when you have to decide between live-action and animated videos for your social media. You must plan properly, or you can always get help from any social media video animation service provider.

Why? Because people will know your brand thanks to your video marketing technique. It distinguishes you in the turmoil of the digital world, which is a defining aspect for every brand.

Considerations When Deciding Between Animation and Live Video

Although live videos and animations are two of the top social media methods, choosing one over the other for your marketing efforts can be very challenging. If applied correctly and in the appropriate situations, both provide desired consequences. The following variables should be taken into account when choosing which of the two you will employ:

The Message

Video animation works best for delivering messages that are too conceptual or abstract. The use of animations and pictures can help to simplify the message while promoting a service or a product that is a little difficult to comprehend. This could be the best marketing approach, for example, in the IT and healthcare sectors. Live-action videos, on the other hand, maybe more appropriate for overt messaging, such as those used in the hospitality industry.

Human Feel

Live-action videos are the most effective if your marketing plan wants to create a personal connection with your audience. Real people have a higher chance of connecting with your audience on a personal level than animated ones.


Animation is the best choice if you need to edit or update your advertisement even after uploading it on a social media network. A live-action video is difficult to update, and even if you could, it would be difficult—you would need to reassemble your cast for another shoot and, of course, re-edit the movie.


In the marketing and creative industries, this is crucial. If you own a marketing company, the customer will almost always be chasing you. Animation can be produced more quickly than a live-action video if you’re on a tight deadline. Putting together a cast, conducting interviews with them, filming, and editing a live-action take time.


You want to spend as much or as little money as you can since marketing efforts must function within the limits of a predetermined budget. Animation is less expensive than live-action video, even if you will need to hire a competent video production company. Aside from other factors, the price of hiring performers, makeup artists, a filming site, and equipment could be exorbitant.

The Benefits Of Live Action Videos For Social Media

People like seeing other people. People are drawn to faces; thus, in a genuine sense, it is content that stops scrolling. There is a reason why live action works better on social media. Live-action videos could be the best option if the item you’re selling is physical. You can accurately depict how your product behaves and appears when used by actual people.

Although they might be just as successful, illustrations and animations can’t capture the true spirit and spirit of your product. Live-action movies provide human worth, and the human aspect is, to put it mildly, irreplaceable.

Businesses who use live-action videos to introduce their staff members, their workspaces, and even some other corporate details earn brownie points. When it comes to clients’ confidence and brand awareness in the marketplace, these companies are well ahead of the competition.

Live-Action Video’s Drawbacks

Cost constraints are one of the main worries. One thing is necessary for locations, cameras, performers, props, and everything else, and that is money. It’s safe to argue that live-action movies overspend and even miss deadlines.

Live-action may not be the best option if you need a film quickly since when real people are involved, genuine problems also surface.

When you use live-action videos for social media, you must understand that editing and reshooting a scene won’t happen very often either. It is far less adaptable, and last-minute alterations are unheard of. There is no going back after the filming is finished and everything is sealed up.

The Benefits Of Animated Videos For Social Media

Now, the animation is a great option if you don’t have the money but yet want to stand out. Watching animated videos is entertaining as well as interesting. You can deliver the information in an approachable and aesthetically appealing manner.

Animated videos are a great technique for conveying ideas since the enjoyable graphics put viewers at ease. The majority of the material being shown to users doesn’t make them feel frightened, and they are curious to watch the complete tale.

Depending on your budget and project requirements, you can choose between 2D and 3D animation. Consider 3D cartoon animation as a wonderful substitute if 2D animation doesn’t appeal to you. It’s far more plausible.

Video animation is mostly only constrained by the animator’s creativity and is usually editable. Your brand appears more friendly when you use animated videos on social media.

Animated Videos Drawbacks

There is a lack of the human aspect, and no one can really fix it.

It’s possible that your target audience will not engage with animated videos on social media. Some people might not even think it’s a personal tactic.

Therefore, if you have the money, blending live-action with animation is the optimal strategy.

Putting An End To The Live Action Vs. Animated Debate

While both live-action and animated videos are fantastic marketing tools, it’s crucial to know when to utilize each. For your marketing approach to be successful, you must understand your ideal surroundings.

It all boils down to your demands and money when choosing between animation and real action. Animated movies might be most effective if you have a limited budget or wish to clarify esoteric ideas. Use a live-action video instead if you have the money to splash out or if you want to elicit stronger emotions.

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