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Electric Motors Powered by Drives: How to Prevent Failures

by Nathan Zachary
APC distributor in Pakistan

Drive systems have important and widespread industrial applications. One of the most critical elements. And, at the same time, the main source of failure in drive systems is electrical insulation. We can provide best advice from APC distributor in Pakistan.

Avoiding Electric Motor Failures

That is why in this post we will talk about how to avoid failures in electric motors powered by drive systems by monitoring the insulation and with what equipment to do it.

About Failures in Electric Motors Due to Electrical Insulation

There are several studies on the insulation system for stator windings that report unit failures due to insulation failures of the order of 26% or even 36% . It can cause insulation failures, for example, by mechanical damage, dust, moisture, thermal aging of the insulation, or damage by rodents. Regardless of the cause, insulation faults represent a fatal hazard to personnel, a risk of damage to assets, and a hazard to the availability of electrical power.

Consequences Of This Type of Failure in Electric Motors

Unplanned shutdowns due to electrical insulation failures can result to some extent in a considerable increase in the costs of industrial processes. For this reason, it is important that a weak point in detecting the insulation system at an early stage. So that planned maintenance or replacement can carry out the unit on time.

In most cases, the economic losses caused by unexpected unit failure far exceed the cost of maintenance. For example, the losses associated with a shutdown on an offshore oil rig are up to $25,000/hr.

How To Prevent Failures in Electric Motors

It is known that drive systems operating in IT systems (ungrounded systems) can monitor using common equipment that monitors insulation while the system is running. On the other hand, drive systems operating on grounded systems (TN and TT systems) can monitor using residual current monitors . In addition, proactive maintenance helps avoid possible costs associated with unplanned failures in drive systems.

Motor Offline Insulation Monitoring

On the other hand, it is often not known that can use offline insulation monitoring devices. For ungrounded and grounded units out of the active operating state. Thus, managing to detect insulation level degradations at an early stage.

Parts of installations or electric motors that are de-energized, or only briefly turn that on or in can monitor an emergency with offline monitoring while turned off them. Therefore, detect a degradation in the insulation level before parts of the installation or loads enter a critical state and essential functions for the operation fail. Can use this time savings to plan preventative maintenance.

Solutions For Monitoring the Insulation of Electric Motors

At Electric we offer solutions for monitoring the insulation of electric motors that prevent electrical failures. We mention some of them below.

In the past, solutions for offline monitoring were mostly available for motors and heaters. In pure AC systems. They could use in conjunction with a coupling device up to 7200 V, without having to use external medium voltage isolation relays.

Electric Motor Protection

Likewise, the offline monitoring function of the insulation monitoring device allows monitoring of the insulation condition in drive systems, even in grounded systems. This is Bender ‘s latest offline insulation monitoring device , available especially for large frequency converters, driving up to AC 690 V and DC 1000 V (or even higher voltages with an external coupling switch). Where both the circuit intermediate as the motor circuit must monitor offline.

In Conclusion

Can avoid faults in electric motors powered by drive systems by monitoring the insulation offline.

The advantages of continuously monitoring the insulation of electric motors offline are:

  • Increase in the productivity of the facilities due to the prevention of expenses and unplanned stops, interruptions in the operation or emergency situations.
  • Minimization of the risk of fire and the risk of dangers in general thanks to early warning.
  • Reduction of damage due to faulty power modules and electric motors, as well as longer service of the electrical installation.
  • Lower inventory costs by having spare parts in a timely manner.
  • Optimized maintenance due to early warning, which contributes to the reduction of operation and maintenance costs.

Finally, if you want to enjoy these advantages in your company, write us through our contact form and we will gladly offer you a solution adapted to your needs.

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