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Battery Backup for Voltage Stabilizers And UPS

by Nathan Zachary
APC UPS for computer

The voltage supplied by an electricity supplier company to the user should be perfectly sinusoidal. At a constant frequency and without interruptions. But, really, the mains voltage usually presents several anomalies. Like to provide excellent output voltage with APC UPS for computer.

This is where voltage regulation appears as a “classic” solution to reduce voltage variations. Using a voltage regulator, which can be electromechanical or electronic.

When Is It Necessary to Implement Voltage Regulation?

There are many causes that can trigger a harmful variation in voltage. Non – continuity is among the biggest problems affecting power supplies. This can cause problem by tripping circuit breakers. Interruption of conductors, maintenance or work on the network, atmospheric events, etc.

Voltage Interruptions

Brownouts are another big problem. They can also consider close relatives of voltage interruptions. Especially when they are short and deep. They tend to be more similar to voltage fluctuations. When limit them in depth and long in duration.

Voltage Fluctuation

Another problem is voltage fluctuation. Which can be fast or slow. It usually causes them by maneuvers. By large consumers or the network provider. Adjustment difficulties in the power distributor. Disconnection or startup of large loads, etc. The duration of the voltage fluctuation can be several hours.

About Voltage Stabilizers

In all of the above cases. That helps reduce losses and costs associated with voltage variations. We can achieve Voltage regulation with equipment that is available in a wide range of sizes. From the smallest capable of handling an apparent power of a few kVA.

Output Voltage Accuracy

To those that handle several MVA. These devices guarantee excellent output voltage accuracy. Up to ±0.5% of nominal value. As long as the input voltage variation remains within the range shown on the data label. In the most recent versions of equipment such as Ortea ‘s, the voltage regulation completed in 20ms.

Voltage Stabilizers

APC UPS for computer

When we equip voltage stabilizers with appropriate accessories. They become very complete solutions. And can significantly improve the power quality of downstream systems.

Can equip Voltage stabilizers with the following options:

  • Interruption and protection devices.
  • Protection of the load against under/over voltage, with automatic release if the output voltage exceeds the preset limit. This is very useful protection for very sensitive loads.
  • By-pass line made with disconnectors, switches, or circuit breakers.
  • Isolation transformer input.
  • Automatic or fixed power factor correction system.
  • Surge arresters.
  • Active filtering system to reduce current harmonic content.
  • When enriched with these optional features. We call it a voltage stabilizer a “line conditioner.”

Using Voltage Regulated UPS

Since voltage stabilizers donot equip with any energy storage system. It is clear that they cannot cover interruptions. In these cases, short interruptions have traditionally cover it by sophisticated and expensive equipment. Such as a flywheel UPS. Usually dedicated to special systems. Generators are the right solution for long duration interruptions.

Development Of Power Electronics

More recently, the development of power electronics and the spread of batteries have led to the appearance of UPS. As the solution for a large part of voltage problems. Which is especially true for the most complete versions (“online” type). or “VFI”):

  • Interruptions
  • Fast And Slow Voltage Variations
  • Sags
  • Frequency Variations

We mean to cover would seem that voltage regulation is by the UPS. And that when the designer or person in charge of the plant decides to use a UPS. The stabilizer will automatically discard it.

Handle And Maintain UPS Batteries

In the case of the UPS. The most delicate and expensive aspect is the value of the batteries. Which implies that they must replace. Otherwise, the UPS will be ineffective.

Must handle and maintain batteries carefully in order to optimize their life. But other aspects can also be troublesome. In fact, if the voltage exceeds a certain range. The UPS goes into battery operation even if the source is available. For these reasons. It is best for UPSs to equip with a voltage regulation stage to preserve the batteries.

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