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Are There Any Differences in Plumbing Companies?

by Nathan Zachary
Hero Plumbing

Services That Plumbing Contractors Offer 

Look for a plumber online, and you’ll see dozens of services – while some are local, others are franchises or branches of a larger brand. Which do you choose? Often, people will ask whether plumbing companies can really differ. Surely, they all offer a similar service to customers? Well, no. 

With regard to this question, the biggest difference comes in the services that plumbing contractors offer. The last thing you want is to contact a plumbing company only to find that they don’t offer all the services that you actually need (this is a mistake that many before you have made!). 

For example, some contractors perform simple repairs and fixes in residential and commercial properties. If you have leaky pipes or issues with your toilet, a professional will visit your property and use their advanced equipment and knowledge to identify the problem. Rather than trying to fix the problem yourself, you get a professional set of eyes that you can trust. 

Elsewhere, other contractors specialize in servicing heaters and other fixtures around the property. Before the weather gets too cold, most homeowners get their boilers and water heaters checked so that they can prevent a failure when they need the system the most. 

After this, you could also speak to plumbing contractors that focus on the following areas: 

  • Drain cleaning 
  • Sewer installation and repair 
  • Pipe maintenance 
  • Emergency response 

Therefore, the answer to the question posed in the heading of this article is that plumbing contractors have some very important differences. Assuming that all plumbing companies are the same is like assuming that all builders are the same – in truth, the niche splits up into those who focus on repairs, residential projects, commercial projects, outdoor spaces, etc. While some plumbing companies offer basic repair services, others offer more extensive services. Of course, you’ll also find some companies that attempt to cover everything. 

Installation, Repair, New Construction, and Retrofit 

Generally speaking, these are the four largest areas of the plumbing niche: 

  • Installation – After many years of loyal service, you may decide that your home needs a new boiler, water heater, or pipe system. If this is the case, you’ll contact a company that specializes in installation – a good example comes in the shape of Hero Plumbing
  • Repair – Although we don’t like to think about it, it’s normal for things to go wrong with properties and in life. Whether a commercial or residential property, this isn’t a perfect world where everything goes smoothly (sadly!). Therefore, plumbing companies are ready to help those having problems with their plumbing system. If possible, they will repair the issue so that it doesn’t return any time soon. 
  • New Construction – Every year, many homes are being built around the country to cope with the growing population. What’s more, new homes replace older ones that are no longer safe for residents. Either way, plumbing companies can partner with building companies to provide plumbing systems for new buildings. 
  • Retrofit – Finally, some plumbers spend their days on retrofit projects. What does this mean? Adjusting a system so that it has the latest parts (parts that weren’t available or hadn’t been introduced when the system was initially implemented). As a basic example, plumbers retrofit epoxy liners to extend the life of pipes

Before you make the mistake of assuming that all plumbing companies are the same, they differ widely in the services that they provide to the community. Naturally, this is without mentioning cost, experience, qualifications, coverage areas, training, and other factors. Compare companies carefully and choose the right one for your project!

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