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Are You A Streamer? You Need A Mid Size PC Case

by Nathan Zachary

Right now, small form factor gaming PCs are getting more and more popular. They seemingly have everything you need to start gaming like a pro, including amazingly powerful graphics cards and more storage than you will ever use. Moreover, they are extremely portable and look amazing sitting right on top of your desktop, especially if you installed a few RGB strips inside and your chassis has some tempered glass sections.

However, these portable and compact PCs have a small problem. Mini and Micro ITX are incredible feats of modern engineering, but they fall short in terms of versatility. They usually only have a single PCIe slot, a couple of RAM slots, and not as many USB ports as you’d like. Again, this is not necessarily bad if you only want a rig that allows you to play your favorite games while dishing out decent FPS.

But, what if you are a content creator?

The needs of a content creator are a lot more varied than those of us regular gamers. I learned that the hard way and will now share my findings.

Content creators, like any gamer worth their salt, need powerful gaming PCs built for performance. A gaming rig that gives you the ability to make all of its resources exclusively available for your game is the ideal machine as it provides a faster and more responsive gaming experience.

However, smaller motherboards have problems handling more peripherals, and they usually can’t hold as much ram. Additionally, while they can handle high-performance processors, the reduced space between components makes it very difficult to do proper airflow and cooling, not to mention cable management. This gets worse if you go the overclocking way as even motherboards with decent heatsinks cannot dissipate heat fast enough if you want to push your CPU to the limit.

Moreover, when you need to stream, you need a decent capture card. The best ones out there use up a PCIe slot for faster transference rates and smoother performance. These cards run with extremely versatile software that can take your streaming capabilities to the next level and offer your viewers high-quality content. But they use a lot of RAM which can quickly start getting in the way of your gaming.

The best way to avoid these issues is to get a standard ATX motherboard inside a mid-tower PC case with enough space for internal peripherals.

The additional slots allow you to immediately push RAM up to 32GB or 64GB, which is enough for seamless streaming. Your PC will be able to load as much as it can to RAM for lightning-fast loads and seamless operation.

You can also add a couple of M.2 NVMe drives for instant access to your games and faster loads. A network card is also advisable for efficiently managing wireless and hardwired internet traffic, and they work best if they´re directly plugged into your motherboard.

Mid-sized PCs also bring plenty of USB ports, display ports, and some of them even have thunderbolt capabilities to future-proof your rig.

Of course, you need a high-end mid-tower PC case to house your precious rig. One that allows you to have complete control over your cooling options even if you overclock both your CPU and your GPU. And one that also offers a unique look so you can show it to your audiences with pride. The best place to get exactly what you need is CLX Gaming. They are the only online gaming PC builder where you can find current-gen components and completely customizable mid-tower PC cases at the best prices. Visit them today and start streaming like a pro.

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