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Are You Being Coached Into a Cave?

by Nathan Zachary
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The thoughts, emotions and prayers that followed the adventures of the Thailand national football team are indicators that their unexpected cave experience has taken the world attention. Many people who had no relationship with Thailand passed the time enough to make their hearts pound at the news. There was no resistance to diversity when local and international divers raided the Chiang Rai province of Thailand for the safety of local footballers. It was a unified action that further showed off the unity of the world. Days passed before the boys were found safely in the cave, but many people outside the cave gave up the hopes that supported them.

The wild boars, nicknamed by their nicknames, embarked on an amazing adventure that claimed the lives of humans. It was a great sacrifice to prevent an experienced diver from being called a hero.

As I pondered in my mind the question of what had triggered them, I settled between the joy and enthusiasm of the boys for their successful discoveries.

The assistant coach’s courage to apologize confirmed that the football team had been coached into the cave. You must have had good intentions to celebrate your teammate’s birthday, but what’s the complicated adventure for a birthday?

The boys’ unpleasant adventures can put someone into cave phobia and force someone else to compete for a cave adventure. Life is mostly made up of two types of people. Those who feel fear and those who take risks. The former would not dare go near the entrance to the cave, the latter would explore the cave in search of faster solutions to similar problems.

Realized that the fear of not getting close to the cave entrance automatically enters the cave. – Cavephobia!

Some people who have never physically ventured into a cave are already trapped in a cave for the monstrous adventures of life.


Joining others to celebrate the wild boar’s safe return and reunion with his family, we want to throw our readers’ memories into an invisible cave. How has the adventurous journey of your life guided you? Are you being guided into the cave? If you’re honest about the unseen circumstances that brought you down, do you have a diver?

Anxious situations are free: longing for wealth, struggle for freedom, guilt of infidelity, longing for health, pain of constant abuse, torrents of anguish, fear of the unknown, agonizing grief of loss, and dangerous siege of frenemy. Any cave where you cannot hire a physical diver for it. Accordingly, life has the power inherent in the power of the mind, the courage to spur the boar, the ability to see hope for hope, the faith to overcome the fear of the unknown, and the ability to turn those situations with serenity. Changing the mind to peace, lasting joy in the face of suffering, calming patience, and lasting love. They are divers when life leads you into a cave of challenges. The divers constitute a positive which negates the negative. The sight of seeing possibilities in the face of the impossible is more realistic than reality.

I paused to tour the jagged structures and structures of the cave and to think about their purpose. Every adventure in life depends on purpose. The wild boar never looked back just before the journey, but in reality their painful journey has gained a global presence, and who knows what the future holds?

A true reset can only come if it affects everyone at the same time. It was probably World War I about 100 years ago that one of the most remarkable events in our history made such a difference and forced change on everyone. It was also known at that time as the Great War because people at that time could not have imagined that any other war would be like this. Shortly thereafter, the 1918 Spanish Flu occurred. With over 50 million deaths worldwide, the shock has forced some changes. permanently. World industries developed, cars began to appear in every country, horses and blacksmiths appeared behind the scenes. Aviation has become a reality.

Then came the Great Depression in the late 1920s and early 1930s. Millions are losing their jobs and the economy is collapsing. Immediately after another war started. At least 75 million people died in World War II, 73% more than in previous wars. Other conflicts worth mentioning are South Korea, Race to the Moon, Vietnam, the Gulf War, War on Terror (911), Covid-19, and of course the uprising against democracy that attacked the Washington Capitol on January 6, 2021. no see. It’s effectively another reset button.

As a result, humans are now looking for ways to improve their quality of life and ways to do better. They seek new energy and become more conscious of the environment, climate, travel, work and basically how they treat each other. Respect and equality. All have s.

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