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Arrange the opening by writing the answer to the given question

by Nathan Zachary

IELTS is held for the candidates who propose to move to an English speaking country to work or study. IELTS EXAM consists of four types of tasks for both Academic and General Module. Although there is no approved IELTS exam syllabus yet, one needs some strategy to prepare for the exam. The best way to arrange the syllabus and the exam format of IELTS is to refer to the question bank of IELTS.

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Writing task is very demanding as it consists of two tasks to be completed in 60 minutes. Task 1 occupies a writing task to be written in 150 words in 20 minutes. Task 2 has to be completed in 250 words to be completed in 40 minutes. The topics asked in these tasks are based on the news in trend; hence there is no set syllabus for the writing task.

There are some noteworthy tips to augment writing skills to score a high band in IELTS writing tasks. Let us discuss some of them. Besides joining IELTS Coaching nearby your location, one must concentrate on self-study to master writing skills. We suggest you to read about IELTS writing tasks too.

Important Tips to Acquire Effective Writing Skills
Be proverbial with the command
Both Academic and General Test comprises writing tasks; candidates must comprehend and make a peculiarity with the command or prompt. Be acquainted with the type of information it is looking for. In case you are writing a letter, then it is advisable to favor the type and category and then start writing. For writing an essay, you have got to be aware of the pros and cons of the topic to express it efficiently.

Put in a sketch of the content
It is prudent to sketch the topic before you start writing your final task. Never spend much time moderately using the time resourcefully. You must begin understanding the task and then frame the outline on a piece of paper. It will assist you to concentrate on the topic while writing.

Outline supports to categorize ideas and put them in the correct series of the topic on demand. The key focal point should be on the language by using advanced terminology and sentence construction. Ideas are not of much concern as compared to the custom.

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Arrange the opening by writing the answer to the given question. It will make your mind ready to believe in those aspects. The body of the paragraph should have details of the main topic with support declaration.


Plan the writing
To regulate the outline, it is reasonable to start the order of your facts in which you are going to write an essay. Remember that first thought is the last impression; hence starting must have powerful points associated with the topic to generate the interest of the person who reads. Attractive contents are regularly given more scores, so make it the most exceptional.

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Start with the basic ideas
IELTS does not examine individual facts; it will only examine your language capability. Consequently, put easy and genuine ideas with faultless language routines. Articulacy and Cohesiveness in Language are more imperative than brawny ideas. You can use one sentence for one thought, but it should have a planned English language usage. You can maintain your pressure with authentication or example if you know it or affirmative about it.

Be specific and short
IELTS exam does not expect lengthy write-ups; language is the ultimate significant factor in discovering and rewarding a score. It is sensible to limit your writing as the word count should not be more than 150 to 250 words. Make complicated sentences to score high with well-heeled language usage. If you have used it efficiently, then length scarcely matters.

Build your vocabulary on diverse topics to use in the topic to express your ideas. Do not reproduce any device or vocabulary in the passage, or you will not obtain a good score. Be concise, clear, and reliable while writing your thoughts to get a high band score.

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These are some tips to acquire effective writing skills to score high band scores in IELTS EXAM. Practice as many mock tests as you can to sharpen your writing skills to enhance your chances to score high. In case you join IELTS Coaching in Jalandhar or nearby your location, you will get the best outcomes with timely doubt sessions from the linguists and experts of English.

Keep working hard with dedication to combating the Upcoming IELTS Exam!!!

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