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Ask Every Shopify Developer These Questions Before Hiring

by Nathan Zachary

Looking for a Shopify developer is not fun. It’s a lot of work and at the end of the process, all you have to look forward to is a large bill.

You might as well make sure you hire one that at least pays you back with quality results.

You can improve your chances of that by asking all of your potential development candidates the following questions.

What Is Your Experience with Shopify and Shopify Plus?
This is the most important question there is. There’s no point in hiring a Shopify developer that isn’t experienced with Shopify.

Look for one that is certified and to keep things simple, eliminate any candidates from your list that only have a short tenure in the industry. Ideally, you should only be looking at developers with 10 years of experience or more.

Forget Shopify for a Minute: What Is Your Experience in My Industry?
Different trends and shopping experiences apply to users in different industries, well, differently.

What works in fashion design may not work for a B2B storefront built on Shopify. Keep that in mind.

And, all things considered, hire one that is experienced in your industry.

Can You Show Me a Client Portfolio, Testimonials, or Reviews?
Don’t even think about hiring a “Shopify expert” if they can’t show you positive client reviews, testimonials, or at least a visual client portfolio where you can see what sorts of Shopify-themed stores they have actually built.

Can Your Write Custom Apps and Scripts?
Performing basic integrations is great, but when it comes down to it, your storefront might require some sort of custom functionality that Shopify itself just can’t offer (and which no other developer in the industry has offered).

In that case, you’ll need to lean on the Shopify partner you hired to create it for you.

What Is Your Familiarity with API Integrations?
There are many Shopify apps out there that already exist. Some of these are easy as pie to integrate.

Others, not so much, which is one reason you might need a developer.

Have You Developed Custom Themes? (And Can You Show Me Examples?)
Shopify is compatible with 8 free themes. If you want to offer something else, you need either to pay for it or to be able to build a Shopify theme yourself.

Or you can hire a developer that knows how to do it. That works too.

How Will You Handle Communication with Me?
Do not assume that any digital agency will hold reasonable communication with you. The time to make certain of how it will all work is before you hire them – not after.

How Long Will It Take Me to Get a Quote for New Tickets and Projects?
This is also an important question to ask. Look for a partner that offers quick turnaround times with quotes and more importantly is completely transparent with pricing. You do not want to be dealing with hidden prices. Paying for Shopify subscriptions is expensive enough.

Do You Offer Supporting Digital Marketing Services?
Finally, some Shopify developers also work hand in hand with digital marketers, which is useful for many businesses because design, PPC, SEO, social media marketing, and overall UX are closely interrelated.

Start with a Short List of Qualified Leads
Want to hire a team of Shopify developers but you’re not sure where to start?

Look up 1DigitalⓇ Agency (1DigitalAgency.com) and dig into their history a little bit. Go ahead and see if they don’t check off all of these boxes and then some.

Then give them a call at 888-982-2869 and speak with one of their Shopify experts about what they can offer. They’ll come up with an agreement that works perfectly for both of you.

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