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Ayurvedic medicine for acidity – a side-effect-free solution for most common digestive disorder

by Nathan Zachary

Acidity or acid reflux refers to a digestive disorder. This acidity is the result of an excessive amount of acid present in the stomach of a patient. Generally, these acids are secreted by the gastric glands to facilitate the digestion process. The excess amount of acid in the stomach come to the food pipe, resulting in various physical discomfort. There can also be a burning sensation, pain in the chest area, etc. Other common symptoms of acidity are nausea, abdominal discomfort, heartburn, bloating, and so on.

Acidity is a very common health problem and almost everyone suffers from it. Today, due to the advancement of medical science, there are so many types of treatments for acidity. But if you want a treatment free of side effects and with powerful effects, you can consider trusting Ayurvedic medicine for acidity. But, before moving on to the treatments, let’s have a look at the causes of acidity.

Common causes of acidity

The main reason behind acid reflux is relaxation in the esophageal sphincter valve of your body. This particular valve generally closes once the food enters your stomach. But, the sudden relaxation of this valve will cause the stomach contents especially excessive acids produced in the stomach to rise back up. This results in acid reflux.  

If you are suffering from long-term acidity, you should consider taking Ayurvedic medicine for aciditydaily. Otherwise, there can be several other health risks such as obesity, connective tissue disorders, and so on.

Ayurvedic treatment for acidity

Let’s have a look at the Ayurvedic herbs which can cure acidity for good. Let’s talk about Ayurvedic medicines for acidity in detail.

  • Cumin seeds – Do you know that cumin seeds feature a good dose of iron? It can help patients suffering from acid reflux and its risk factors. Daily consumption of cumin will reduce body fat, vomiting, bloating, etc.
  • Mulethi- This wonderful Ayurvedic herb can cure various digestive disorders including acid reflux. For weight management and cholesterol control, this type of Ayurvedic herb works miraculously.
  • White pumpkin juice – Full of vitamins and minerals, white pumpkin juice is a wonderful Ayurvedic product that can cure acidity to some extent. This antioxidant will diminish the chances of digestive disorders in the body. 
  • Aniseed – This is another Ayurvedic medicine for acidity that has the potential to control various stomach disorders. It can check acid reflux, stomach ulcers, etc. Basically, aniseed soothes the inflammation and bacterial infections in the stomach.
  • Mint leaves – The mint leaves also act as a natural coolant for the human body. Due to its carminative properties, mint leaves help in good digestion. This Ayurvedic herb stimulates the digestive enzymes in your body and as a result, you will stay away from digestive disorders such as acidity.
  • Tulsi – Regarded as the mother medicine of nature, tulsi features several anti-inflammatory properties. It can soothe the stomach undergoing acid reflux symptoms. So, a spoonful of tulsi juice can help you get instant relief from acidity.

Apart from these Ayurvedic herbs, the Ayurvedic medicines for acidity also feature cardamom, jaggery, cloves, bananas, etc. You can choose Sutshekhar ras from Ayurvedic online pharmacies if you want to treat your hyperacidity effectively.

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