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Behind Iran’s alleged drone deal with Russia

by Nathan Zachary

Separate Delta-wing Shahed-136 drones have been seen flying over Ukraine in recent weeks: Reuters

Russia recently carried out massive drone attacks in Ukraine. It has been alleged that these drones were supplied by Iran. However, both Iran and Russia have been denying the allegations. In the end, Al-Jazeera tried to give an idea about what factors could work behind the alleged drone deal between Iran and Russia.

 In an analysis, Qatar-based international media said that Russia’s drone strikes in Ukraine indicate three changes in the ongoing war.

First, Iran is believed to be playing an important role in providing arms to Russia. Second, there are strong indications that Russia’s own missile stockpile has been greatly reduced. Third, Ukraine will need the help of its Western allies to prevent an escalation of such attacks.

Independent Delta Wing Shahed-136 drones have been seen flying over Ukraine in recent weeks, despite denials by Iran and Russia. The issue is being widely publicized in the international media. Shahed-136 is a type of suicide drone (kamikaze), which is used by Russia as a cheap cruise missile.

Russia has managed to convert and rename Iranian drones as “Zeran-2”. They then managed to coordinate with the country’s Global Positioning System (GPS) such as GLONASS.

Russia says the drones, which have been renamed, converted and repainted, are their own and in no way belong to Iran. However, such a light demand of Moscow does not survive the washing. Because, most of the parts of these drones have been found to be manufactured by Iran.

Why did Iran walk this way?

The UN Security Council has questioned whether Iran has breached its treaty obligations by actively supporting internationally isolated Russia. Then there are some interests of Iran.

Various types of drones and missiles are being produced in Iran. The true test of the capabilities of these weapons is in war. And there is no chance of second place here.

Iran’s proxy forces have tested some models of these drones in the past. But if the country’s weapons are used against an industrialized power that has access to Western weapons, important information will be gained. And using this information, Iran will be able to assess its position in a possible future conflict.

Based on the results of the data review, Iranian researchers and weapons designers will be able to further improve missiles and drones in the future. They can make them more lethal.

Another reason for the alleged drone deal is that Russia may agree to sell 24 state-of-the-art Sukhoi Su-35 fighter jets to Iran’s air force. Iran’s air force has older models of fighter jets, the older version of the MiG-29 being the best.

Russia’s technological know-how, technology transfer, and technical expertise could enhance the country’s ability to meet Iran’s fighter jet needs. This will give Iran at least a chance to survive in the future conflict.

On the other hand, Russia has not invested so much in the drone sector except the United States and Turkey, which are members of the NATO military alliance. As a result, Moscow has no choice but to import cheap and effective Iranian missiles.

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