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Benefits Businesses Can Get From CCTV Video Management Software

by Nathan Zachary

We have made significant strides in security and monitoring techniques in the modern world. There was a time when hazy surveillance systems that worked on analog technology were considered a breakthrough in security and surveillance for companies around the world. Nowadays, CCTV video management software has taken over the old analog technology. 

Digital video surveillance is becoming a regular feature in many homes and businesses. It provides immense benefits for protecting the assets of your company. Prevention from thefts, infrastructural security, and monitoring hardworking employees are some of the common advantages. This intelligent video management system has servers for video processing and storage, cameras, and encoders for analog camera systems. Businesses are upgrading to more advanced security measures for the reasons listed below:

Let’s Discuss Businesses Benefits of CCTV video management software

Prevention from shoplifting and theft.

Did you know that 64% of all small enterprises experience employee theft? CCTV video management software captures videos in HD quality from wider viewing angles. It protects businesses from possible theft. They will invest less in cameras and infrastructure because of the increased coverage of Intelligent video management systems. 

The enhanced video quality and coverage angles might cut costs for your businesses. With the use of HD cameras, your company is now able to work with law enforcement to bring criminal charges against those who have been caught robbing or damaging property.

Enhancement of accessibility and storage.

Digital video surveillance systems store all of the videos that your cameras record on DVR (digital video recorder) devices. DVR comes with plenty of storage capacity. As a result, storing surveillance footage digitally will allow your security staff to do more. 

This intelligent video management system gives you and your security team the freedom of safe, remote login so that you are not confined to your workplace or a computer to monitor security footage. You may now log in from any distant location to view security footage, regardless of whether you have a remote site under surveillance or are traveling.

Advance Alert System.

The brand-new CCTV video management software is keeping a close check on the actions of your company. It functions by recording numerous hours of video. It uses a dispersed intelligence system to solve security coverage gaps left by old security systems. 

Distributed intelligence is the process of dividing a complex system’s processing into several smaller organizations to extract certain functions from the main system. You don’t have to sit down and watch every second of the security footage that your digital surveillance system has recorded. 

This intelligent video management system detects motion patterns and creates alerts during irregular patterns of movement. The security officer will be able to monitor video streams for events, activities, and specific behavior.

Effective remote monitoring

Remote monitoring is the most underappreciated benefit of a digital monitoring system. If you have access to the Internet and highly integrated CCTV video management software, you can view the activities on your surveillance feeds from any location on the globe. 

You can log in on tablets, computers, and mobile devices to gain access. No matter where you are, you can log into your security system from any of these devices to watch live broadcasts or access previously recorded videos.

Stronger Performance.

This last benefit is a result of all the others. Knowing that there is a cutting-edge digital surveillance system watching over behavior in the workplace regularly increases the likelihood that your staff will stay on task, use their breaks effectively, and feel safer in the workplace. 

To meet with a specialist and discuss your company’s specific surveillance requirements, schedule a digital video surveillance consultation.

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Although the morality of commercial monitoring is still debatable, there is no denying that their presence increases security for you, your customers, and your staff. Are you looking to install video management software in your workplace? 

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Our sophisticated CCTV monitoring services, which we have been providing for more than ten years, ensure that you always have access to the most recent status reports and live footage, no matter where you may be. To find out more about what we have to offer, contact us right away!

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