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What are the Benefits of Cold Chain Monitoring in Pharmaceuticals?

by Nathan Zachary
What are the Benefits of Cold Chain Monitoring in Pharmaceuticals

A Cold chain is a supply chain that involves refrigeration-controlled units to retain the potency of goods. Pharmaceutical is one of the biggest consumers of cold-supply chain monitoring software. Transportation of vaccines, medicines and drugs requires a controlled temperature environment. 

Has it always been the same?

No, earlier the pharma industry was not dependent on cold-chain monitoring to such an extent that it is today. Ever since the acceptance of the new class of drugs called biologics, the demand for cold-chain monitoring in the pharma sector has spiked. 

Benefits of Cold-supply Chain in the Pharmaceuticals Industry

A refrigeration monitoring software system doesn’t simply come with a thermometer regulating unit. Sophisticated cold supply chain management solutions come with route planning solutions to decide on shorter routes, fuel monitoring solutions to ensure efficiency, driver behaviour analysis to monitor driving practices and video telematics for visual surveillance. Such end-to-end fleet management solutions come under the umbrella of telematics software. 

However, the following are the benefits of the temperature monitoring software solutions that pharmaceutical companies enjoy: 

Real-time Visibility 

One of the most crucial factors that lay the foundation of solid fleet management software. Along with real-time location monitoring, the cold-chain monitoring solution also offers temperature monitoring too. The manager gets to monitor the refrigeration condition of hundreds of trucks, scattered in different directions in one place simultaneously. 

Reduced Wastage

With advanced solutions come better operational ability. The Pharma supply chain is one of the critical sectors to handle logistics for. Not only are the goods delicate in terms of temperature sensitivity but also in respect to packaging. The vials used for vaccines and injection are made of fine glass, and the packaging of tablets and capsule shall not be punctured. Comprehensive cold-supply chain monitoring systems like TrackoBit ensure that. 

The Morality of Drugs is Retained

When the right refrigeration and environment are provided to the drugs their goodness is retained. This not only affects the manufacturer’s and the brand’s image but also has an ever-growing customer base. 

Confident and Insightful Decisions

Temperature fleet management software generates automated reports and delivers accurate insights into the operations. This not only enables instant decision-making for the managers but also instils confidence in them. The elaborated reports and graphs give a clear picture of the operational front by bringing hidden and prominent anomalies on the pedestal. They do not have to depend on expert guesses, gut and experience to make a call. They make a confident choice backed by data. 

Instant Actions 

Every time a refrigeration unit breaks down the manager is intimated with an emergency alarm on it. If there is some problem with the refrigerator of a truck carrying expensive drugs that keeps breaching the set degrees of temperature the manager receives an alert along with an in-depth report. With real-time and historical data at the manager’s disposal, they are equipped to make the right decisions. 

Improved Client Satisfaction

With timely and efficient delivery, not only are the dealers satisfied but also the retailers that receive the goods in pristine condition. As we said earlier if the drugs reach the end user and the retailer in the right condition, retaining the goodness, then positive word of mouth can have a massive impact on the brand image. 

What is the Best Cold-chain Monitoring Software for the Pharma Industry? 

The best temperature monitoring software for the fleet is the one that meets your requirements.  The fleet management software provides that is equipped enough to deliver custom solutions with industry-specific use cases, makes the best choice. TrackoBit is one of the most sought-after software in the industry. They offer flawless temperature monitoring software along with accurate fleet management solutions.

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