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Benefits of Mobile Applications

by Nathan Zachary
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Apps are a great way to build stronger relationships with existing customers and potential customers alike. If you’re considering building an app for your business, but aren’t sure if it’s the right option for your company, worry not.

We’ve outlined the main benefits of building a custom mobile app for your business. All it takes is a clear goal for what you want your app to do, and you can begin the development process.

Mobile Application Benefits

Build brand awareness

A primary benefit of developing a mobile app for your business is to build brand awareness. Basic marketing strategies using billboards, ad campaigns,, and guerilla marketing are still implemented and effective but almost every new startup uses a custom mobile app as a marketing tool.  This process is more efficient and in most cases less costly as there are numerous developers ready to develop the app at various cost budgets.

Provide added value to customers

Digital accessibility is perhaps the most important trend of our time in the business world, and mobile applications fit perfectly into that mix.

The fact that almost everyone is aware of using tech nowadays creates a sense of familiarity when introducing an app. A business app is sort of an extra feature that a company provides for example mobile banking. Nowadays almost all banks have their own apps where a user can transfer the amount or check their balance online and there is almost no need to carry cash.

Push notifications

Another factor is when a company’s app is downloaded on a user’s phone, it consists of an option of sending notifications on the mobile screen whenever a concerned message is to be sent. This option, again and again, reminds the user of the existence of the app thus increasing the rate of using the app and decreasing the bounce rate.

Direct messages

Another feature that is extremely useful is direct messaging. Let us take for example a shopping app. When an app involves in-app purchases, a user wants to talk to the company directly if there is any issue regarding a particular product. For that instance, the user can easily talk to the service provider online directly without going through the hustle of trying to find the number and calling the service provider. You could also use in-app messaging to offer customer support, enable bookings or reservations, or take orders directly.

Promote other mobile communication channels

Another plus point to these mobile apps integrated into businesses is that the company can promote other mobile communication channels. If a company has a specific app, it can link the app to its other social media platforms for example Facebook and linked in which can further teach the user about the company thus resulting in brand loyalty and the legitimacy of the business.

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