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Benefits of Online Quran Classes and Online Teachers

by Nathan Zachary

What are the most effective reasons for your children to avoid online Quran lessons? In this post, we will discuss five problems and their solutions. Avoid These 5 Pitfalls When Studying Quran Online

Although there are some advantages of taking Quran classes online, children face challenges in online Quranic education because they cannot concentrate on learning the Quran lessons. If we take steps to avoid these pitfalls, we are 100% sure to see great results.

5 problems with solutions;

Student attention and engagement are paramount in live classes. Certain distractions divert the student’s attention from the commands of the Qur’an. Challenges Researchers and Students Face in Online Quran Lessons. No reason to worry! With the support of parents and children, we find solutions to these problems. Let’s see, okay?

Bad internet connection;

During live Quran recitation, slow internet can cause frequent interruptions, which may result in temporary suspension. Suspensions may cause students to miss online Quran study. They may also not understand important aspects of the lesson. That is why such online Quran lessons attract younger readers.

solve it;

Parents should ensure that their child has a very fast internet connection to ensure smooth and effective communication during live Quran lessons.

Have fun with toys in class;

Playing with classmates is fun for children and they enjoy playing with their toys. As a result, young people keep their toys close while viewing the Quran online. However, this is not a good idea because students can get distracted with their electronic devices while listening to the teachings of the Quran. As a result, children cannot concentrate on the teachings of the Quran online.

solve it;

Find out where your kids are playing Quran apps online. You should also make sure that players do not play with their toys while listening to the Quran teacher or discussing what they have learned while reciting the Quran.


Some teenagers like to eat. Students often eat a variety of foods, fried foods, chewing gum, etc., which they eat, they eat or chew. However, this is not recommended because the food can distract students and prevent them from remembering the Arabic letters directly. Arabic sounds and letters of Tajweed are very important and Tajweed cannot be used by children. Therefore, it is not recommended to eat while reading the Qur’an online.

solve it

Ask your children to eat and finish their meal before starting a live Quran lesson. Also, avoid distractions in class.

Go back if you don’t want to be scared;

Children love to jump from place to place. So they leave their seats to take an online Quran course. As a result, people may miss an important lesson due to organizational conflict.

solve it;

Parents should be aware of their children’s needs. They haven’t finished all their lessons. Parents must ensure that their children are sitting in front of the computer before enrolling in the Quran Academy.


It is also a matter of concern that young people continue to watch television during Quranic lessons. The background noise on the TV screen disturbs the students and disturbs the guru teacher.

solve it;

Your children should turn off the television while reading the Qur’an on the Internet. Also, the television may not be installed in the living room, where young people live the Qur’an for a few hours.

Final thoughts;

Our goal is to alert the parents to any concerns that arise directly during the Koran session, so that they do not become a problem. If you can control your worries, we guarantee that your children will Learn Quran online quickly and easily.

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