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Benefits of using Instagram on Shopify Stores

by Nathan Zachary
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Are you thinking about adding visual appeal to your Shopify store and are too concerned that it might affect the website’s speed? Then we have a fantastic hack for you – embed your Instagram feed on Shopify

How to do it? And what other benefits does it provide? We have answers to all your concerns in this article. So read it till the end to get all your doubts resolved.

So let’s start from the basics.

Why Instagram?

Various social media platforms provide different content that one can display. But the reason why we are suggesting adding Instagram to your Shopify store is – Instagram is known to focus on visual-based content. And we all know the impact of visual-based content. Images, videos, and all visual contents help enhance the website’s visual appeal. Moreover, the visual-based contents are engaging, help express better, and stay fresh in the viewers’ minds. 

Also, Instagram content consists of that vibe that helps catch the audience’s attention. So these are some of the primary reasons for opting for Instagram feed.

What is an Instagram feed?

Instagram feed means the compilation of Instagram posts and content. So, whenever you log in to your Instagram account, the first thing that comes on your screen is your Instagram feed. The initial screen displays the content and post from the accounts or handles within your Instagram social circle.

On exploring the platform further, you will be able to view content from other users. However, you will mostly get content promoted by the Instagram algorithm or posts with high engagement. 

How can you embed an Instagram feed on the website?

Shopify provides various tools that help you in this cause. You can easily find these on the Shopify store and add an Instagram feed on Shopify. These social media embedding apps like Tagembed provide a dedicated Instagram widget that helps to collect Instagram feed and display them on your Shopify store. Apps also allow you to add shoppable posts that add functionality to your Shopify store.

Why Should you embed Instagram feed on Shopify stores?

Considering the importance of visual appeal of the website and how vital it is to have an attractive store. Here is the list of benefits you can enjoy if you opt to embed the Instagram feed on Shopify websites.

#1 Increases the visual appeal of your website

There is no doubt that images, videos, and visual-based mediums add charm to the website. At the same time, many might argue that it affects the website’s speed. And that is a valid argument. But with the help of the Shopify Instagram feed plugin, you can add images and videos without bothering about the website’s speed. These apps help in interrogating Instagram with ease. And as they stream from the source, hence does not affect website speed. And a vibrant and beautiful website adds excellent visual appeal to the website.

#2 Increases visitor engagement

Instagram users are known for delivering engaging and entertaining content. That not only attracts audiences but also keeps them hooked. So by adding them to your website, you can keep your visitors engaged on your website. And visitors spend more time on the store, it instills the interest in the viewers’ minds and might increase your chance of achieving sales.

#3 Strength social media presence

In the age of social media dominance, one needs to have a solid social media presence. Because people often consider the quality and reputation of the brand based on their social media strength. With the help of an Instagram feed on the Shopify store, you can provide a sneak into your social media presence to your visitors. 

It helps to increase the view count of your content. Moreover, people also can follow you on your Instagram, eventually growing the social media strength of your website. And as there will be a stronger social media presence, it will help you enhance the reach on the website. 

#4 Boosts UGC for your brand 

You can even choose to display the content related to your brand that other people are uploading. And as you showcase them on your website, it will encourage other people to post the content related to your brand and enjoy their limelight on a brand’s website. After all, people feel respected when a brand posts its content on its website.

And we don’t need to mention the power of user-generated content related to a brand on social media platforms. It not only helps to increase brand awareness but also boosts the reach.

#5 Provides social proof to the visitor 

A consumer always likes to view reviews or social proof before making a purchasing decision, as it helps develop trust in the brand. You can opt to embed the user-generated content on your Shopify store and prove your credibility.

Summing it up

Adding an Instagram feed on Shopify stores is a smart way to increase the visual appeal and functionality of the website. It helps you have the edge over your competitors and achieve your business goals.

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