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Benefits of Using the WEB Deck™, as an Alternative Modular Work Platform System

by Nathan Zachary
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Inspection, maintenance and hard-to-reach areas like jetties, bridges, pipe racks, and conveyor systems require a specialised solution than conventional scaffolding systems.    

Traditional scaffolding solutions have limited access, are time intensive and with limited application. They cannot be used over water and roads to repair bridges because they inhibit the movement of commuters.

With solutions like the WEB Deck™ mobile work platform, operation flexibility becomes more achievable since they are adaptable for working at different heights, even under challenging environments. Therefore, learning more about the benefits of using alternative modular work platform systems is crucial.

  1. Increased Safety Standards

Traditional modular work platform systems have anchors and columns that workers may stumble on, leading to occupational accidents. However, when using WEB Deck™, they work with an innovative and patented hook and clasp system, reducing the number of components needed for installation.

The time spent by the working personnel carrying out various tasks such as inspection, maintenance is drastically reduced thereby minimizing the risks of accidents and mishaps.

  • Application Flexibility

The modular work platform systems are engineered per the site’s unique requirements to ensure safety and productivity when carrying out tasks. WEB Deck™ system is flexible to use across the onshore or offshore infrastructure. Even when conducting maintenance in hard-to-access areas, they are quick to install, dismantle and store. Since they require minimal maintenance, they can work under bridges and on pipe racks with minimal productive shifts in comparison to traditions setups.

  • Increased Mobility

Since the WEB Deck™ has a low-self weight of 20 kg/m2, it is evident that it has a reduced volume compared to other solutions. Therefore, they are easy to load and can be stacked onto each other to minimise transportation logistics. Furthermore, they minimise storage costs even when using them on-site since the platform components can fit into one storage unit.

This improves mobility which saves time and money in the long run. Since the WEB Deck™  uses a hook and clamp system, it eliminates the need for using tightening and joining equipment. In addition, the decks are compatible with handrails and side containment nets for conformity with the work environment.

  • Shorter Assembly Time

WEB Deck™ solutions are applicable for most horizontal applications and can be used to save time. For example, it takes only one shift to fit a WEB Deck™ onto a jetty underdeck. Even connecting two buildings only take a few shifts after installing the main catenary wires.

Depending on the application of this modular work platform system, there must be site-specific anchors to hold the structures up. The patented hook and clasp system strongly grips the tensioned wire ropes for better stability. This process cuts down the time that would have been spent laying and positioning platforms in conventional systems.

  • Long-lasting Solutions

Considering most mobile work platforms are built from steel, site managers must replace them frequently due wear and damage because of exposure to moisture and other corrosive elements. This is different for mobile decks built from aluminium. However, once installed, they can handle the project to completion without worrying about the material corroding or fading.

The aluminium construction makes this modular work platform system strong enough to handle weight from time to time. Furthermore, even in tidal conditions, aluminium-grated platforms allow easy water passage without accumulating on the surface.

  • Lightweight Construction

WEB deck™ is nearly five times lighter than most heavy-duty traditional modular work platform systems. As such, they minimise the structure load, ensuring the completion of a project within the given limits. In addition, this makes the mobile work platform stable enough for accessing pipe bridges and other weaker structures to reduce manual handling. After going through these advantages, you can choose WEB deck™ mobile work platforms over conventional methods. These systems are more accessible today and are available at competitive prices from suppliers. As you work towards sustainable operations, you will realise that modular work platforms save you money and time. These savings allow you to focus on other areas of your operations that promise better returns.

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