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Seven Best Budget Custom Keyboard Kit that will change your Keyboard’s appearance

by Nathan Zachary
Custom Keyboard Kit

Today, almost everyone has access to a mechanical keyboard. However, prefabricated solutions may not always perform as expected. Perhaps the keycaps are of the incorrect shape, or you already have a set of switches that you want to use. At that time, the most outstanding Best Budget Custom Keyboard Kit was available.

By acquiring just the necessities, you may construct a keyboard without spending additional money on unnecessary switches or keycaps. Building a kit is substantially more rewarding than purchasing a finished product. Continue to read to find out the Best Budget Custom Keyboard Kit while saving your money. Let’s see what those are below. 


The Glorious Modular Mechanical Keyboard is a design that has existed for some time (GMMK for short). This is the kit to buy if you want a full-size keyboard, even though it is not as impressive as more recent DIY kits.

The GMMK is a straightforward keyboard, even with its fixed USB connector. The stabilizers, or “stabs,” are subpar, which may detract from the overall typing experience. However, at $80, it is tough to complain about the GMMK’s flaws and maybe outmoded design decisions.

Please note that GMMK supports only 3-pin switches for its hot-swap sockets, such as the Drop boards in our list. It’s not a significant issue, but you’ll have to search for 3-pin switches if you don’t want to chop the legs off 5-pin switches.


If not for its slightly unusual 1800 (or 96%) arrangement, Drop’s SHIFT is a high-quality keyboard set that would have taken top place. As the name suggests, it is almost similar to a standard keyboard but with a smaller layout and fewer modifier keys to the right of the spacebar.

Since it is sufficiently identical to a typical full-size layout, the majority of folks will have no problems with it. However, if you’re used to a lengthy “0” on the Numpad or a standard-sized Right Shift, the 1800 layout may need some adjustment.


The Drop CTRL High-Profile is currently one of the most beautiful Best Budget Custom Keyboard Kit. The aluminum frame of the CTRL High-anodized Profile is more conventional than that of the SHIFT, rising to cover the switches. This, along with the rounded edges, creates a really attractive board.

Drop CTRL has many of the same advantages as SHIFT. The online configurator for Drop provides identical, fully-customizable firmware for any desired layout, layer, and RGB values. The RGB lighting is similarly impressive, with per-key RGB illumination and a light RGB underglow throughout the chassis.


The Drop CTRL and the KPRepublic MKB87 are essentially diametrically opposed. Instead of aiming for the top with high-quality components, this TKL kit entices with its affordable pricing and dual-mode connection.

The MKB87 has a basic black polycarbonate frame and a typical TKL keyboard layout with 87 keys. The stiffness of a metal switch plate assists in forming a beautiful underflow, while the switch plate’s silver hue aids in the reflection of the per-key RGB lighting. It’s nothing extraordinary, but it’s a pleasant addition to a cheap mechanical keyboard.


The KBDfans 75% keyboard kit, now in its third version, is intended for users who desire a terrific experience right out of the box. Despite its somewhat antiquated 75% layout, this DIY keyboard set gives one of the most excellent stock typing experiences.

The KBD75 features everything necessary for an exceptional typing experience, including a top-mounted aluminum plate and pre-tuned screw-on stabilizers. It’s a beautiful touch that MechanicalKeyboards offers a PCB and case cushion for reducing pinging and keycap noise.

If you like large boards, KBDfans may be for you. The shell of the KBD75 is made of aluminum, and an additional metal weight may be added to the case’s back to increase its weight. The KBD75 has the potential to be a chubby dude.


The GMMK Pro, with its all-aluminum chassis and fashionable 75% layout, was one of the most anticipated mainstream mechanical keyboards in recent years. Even though it fell short of expectations, it is still a good choice if you are ready to put in the effort.

The top-right rotating push knob is the first of two identifying features of the GMMK Pro. Glorious redesigned the volume controls of “professional” mechanical keyboards, such as the Das Keyboard 4, to have a knurled metal appearance and a more upscale feel. It may serve as either a button or a knob, providing you with two more controls for the price of one.


The KBDfans KBD67 Lite is possibly the least expensive Best Budget Custom Keyboard Kit currently available. However, it lacks the metal casing of the Drop ALT, its value and out-of-box experience more than makeup for it.

The KBD67 Lite is an entire polycarbonate mechanical keyboard with a transparent cover and switch plate. This helps to maintain a low price without compromising the typing experience. According to conventional thinking, polycarb is more suitable for clicky or linear switches because to its more excellent “give.”

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