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Best Free Canny.io Alternative

by Nathan Zachary
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Your goal is to create a product your users love. It is the best and most effective way to grow your product with your customers.

This is what you can do. Imagine how loyal you would be if Apple allowed you to give feedback in an easy way. Imagine if you could know that your feedback was being considered and that it would be included in the next product release. What would it feel like to be a part of the product’s growth?

This is the kind of experience you want your customers to have with your product. These are the magic words:

  1. Get customer feedback directly from your customers
  2. Users can vote on features via a simple platform
  3. You should keep th
  4. em informed about your progress.

Canny.io review

Canny.io is used by more than 31% of our customers. What about those who still consider Canny a useful tool? What are their strengths and weaknesses? Canny.io’s Product Managers sat down with customers to discuss why they should consider Canny.io.

Canny.io is better than its competitors

The app is extremely welcoming. It is very well designed in branding, design and characters. Sarah Hum, its founder, is the reason. Canny.io offers a variety of features to customers, including markdown support, scheduled releases, labels and markdown support. You get nothing more.

Pro Tip: When you choose Canny.io you need to decide how much you will pay for the aesthetics, and not necessarily the features. Other alternatives to Canny.io .

Canny.io is not as good as its competitors.

Canny.io can be expensive for product managers in certain areas. If you have many users giving feedback on your product or service, the pricing can be very high. You will pay more the more you grow. This is punishment for your success, and it is something that many founders and product managers tell us.

Support and customization are the second. They have many support people but they don’t always provide the best support. You, the user, cannot also determine how helpful a feature is for your product using product data. These are the areas where Canny alternatives excel. Canny.io alternatives such as Saasfe offer better support and customization, and better pricing.

Saasfe — Canny.io alternative trusted and used by thousands

canny alternative

Saasfe provides a user feedback tool that is an alternative to Canny.io. Saasfe’s intuitive and well-designed interface makes it easier than ever to manage feedback.

Why Saasfe is better than a Canny.io Alternative

Saasfe was created by product managers who have experience building large-scale products. To enable end-users to easily provide feedback, the feature set revolves around them.

Saasfe is the best Canny.io alternative.

Saasfe makes it easy to collect feedback. Its powerful dashboard allows product managers and product managers to quickly manage them. Saasfe also comes with iOS, Android and macOS apps to give a native experience.

Speed of execution: Customers found Saasfe’s tech staff to be incredibly fast. The team is quick to get a feature live and to request it.

Saasfe is missing a Canny.io option

Sales. It seems that the product has a lot of features that product managers would want. Saasfe’s enterprise features need to be improved, but they are improving quickly.

Saasfe vs Canny.io

Saasfe is available for $24/month and Canny.io offers $400/month. These features are packed full of design details that have been meticulously designed.

Productboard — Canny.io Alternative for Enterprises and Large Customers

Productboard is a robust platform that many large companies use. It’s more like Jira, which allows you to manage large projects and prioritize customer feedback. Although the features may look great at first, founders and product managers will not find it easy to use.

Why is Productboard better than a Canny.io Alternative?

Customer Analytics: Productsboard offers a section dedicated to user research and analysis of customer feedback. These can be linked to customer feedback.

Prioritization Score Productboard lets you prioritize feedback from customers. This makes it one the best Canny.io alternatives on the market.

Productboard is not as good as Canny.io.

We found Productboard difficult to use. Productboard is too complicated to use. If you want to provide your users with feedback portals where they can leave feedback, then it must be easy. The user interface is slow to load and makes it difficult to scale your product when you have hundreds of feedback.

Canny.io vs Productboard

Canny.io is very similar to Productboard in that they limit the features of their startup plans. This makes it very difficult to be a Canny.io competitor.

Pricing starts at $49 per product manager for each product per month when it is billed annually. This is almost $588 per product manager per month, which compares to Saasfe’s almost identical price, but with up to 10 product managers.

Productboard vs Canny.io feature comparison

Although both Canny.io as well Productboard share similar features, many people find the simplicity of these platforms to be more appealing. Productboard is designed for product managers with years of experience and a high-level education. Canny.io is a platform for founders just like you. The product is easy to use for anyone.

What’s the best Canny.io alternative?

The Canny.io alternatives are all great at what you do. They are liked by their customers for the way they operate as Canny.io options. And they succeed in what they do. How you see your customers and what their feedback means will determine the platform that is best suited for your use case.

Canny.io can be a great choice if you don’t have the funds to pay for features you may not use. Saasfe will be your best choice Canny.io alternative. Tell us what you’re choosing.

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