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Best Indian Instagram traveling accounts to follow

by Nathan Zachary
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Does icy terrain give you chills? Or do Goa’s beaches refresh you? Or Manali treks are something you are missing? In this digital world, technology has some easy solutions for these problems too. Follow the travel accounts, follow their feed, and their experiences. Nothing compares to the original experience, but when your boss is head over heels for you, having some refreshment in this way is better than killing your brains in boredom!

Now, the question that pops up is whom to follow. There is a wide range of traveling accounts, some provide short-form content in the form of YouTube shorts or Instagram reels, or maybe TikTok. While others might prefer to give you long-form content in the form of vlogs on YouTube. Some are fitness freaks, who try new and try hair-raising activities. Some are more oriented on capturing memories, the culture, and the lifestyle of the destination in the form of videos or photos. While others might be more on the foody side and are more interested in what the place has to offer in terms of taste. And finally, come those carefree ones who are not inclined to any of these. Instead, they share their experiences in the form of Instagram reels or stories or on YouTube. Some might even make podcasts about their experiences. 

Heading over to which instagram influencer you should follow, in order to enjoy the culture of a place virtually. 

Archana Singh:

Archana, with a wide experience of more than 15 years. These 15 years of work included her contribution as Brand Consultant, Influencer, and Public Speaker. She also loves to work with cameras. Her experience is recognized overseas too. She is India’s most honored travel blogger for 2018, and she is dedicated to working on problems such as women’s empowerment, ethical tourism, and the social inclusion of the impoverished. She comes under the bracket of India’s top travel influencers. He frequently speaks at conferences like TEDx, WTM, ATM, HTM, etc. She routinely writes for worldwide magazines in India, the United States, the United Kingdom, South East Asia, and the Middle East, in addition to recording her experiences on travelseewrite.com.

Her achievements include:

  • 2021 Impact Digital Influencers Awards: Photography and Travel
  • TEDxVBIT 2021 speaker
  • TEDx TIET Workshop 2020 Speaker
  • Speaker at TEDx Talks 2018 Speaker
  • Speaker at Influencer Summit and Awards 2021 Speaker
  • Speaker at DMS IIT Delhi – Paricharcha ’22 Speaker
  • Speaker at DMS IIT Delhi – Paricharcha ’21 Speaker

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Shivya Nath:

Shivya Nath, a storyteller, writer, photographer, Instagrammer, and environmentalist was not a digital nomad from the start. Her story starts off just like most of us, she grew up in the feet of the Himalayas. Growing up, she always had a curiosity about what these gigantic Himalayas had in store for her. After her school, she flew over to Singapore to get her degree with a big loan.

After graduating in mid-recession, she joined the Singapore Tourism Board as her first job. Here, she started taking a closer look at travel bloggers. Having a good hand over social media, she quit her job in 2011 to live a life of digital nomads. In her career spanning around 10 years, she has been awarded and featured in numerous magazines and award functions. Some of these are:

  • Her story about quitting her job and starting traveling was featured in BBC Travel in 2014
  • She was featured on the cover page of the prestigious National Geographic Traveller India magazine in 2017
  • Awarded silver for best writing in a travel blog at TBC Asia Awards.
  • In 2019, her work was featured in The Washington Post
  • In 2020, she won gold for best communicator at the WTM Responsible Tourism Awards India.
  • In 2021, she was featured among 15 travel trailblazers by Travel + Leisure India and South Asia.
  • In 2022, she was named among the 30 Global Champions of Environmental Sustainability in Hospitality and Tourism at the Global Hospitality Awards

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Seema Gurnani:

Seema Gurnani, a young entrepreneur in her twenties is the perfect guide to food if you are new to any city in India. India is known for its taste in food. Adding to that, each region has something of its own specialty. Bengali sweets, Delhi’s chole kulche, Gujarat’s jalebi fafda. Not just states, but even cities or villages have some food items they are proud to flaunt about. But as newcomers to the city, we often need someone to guide us about which restaurants to pick. Depending on our tastes and preference. PandaReviewz is the perfect guide for that. Starting off from Vijayawada, she has covered almost the whole subcontinent. Whether it be food, traveling, culture, or partying. Seema has it all, just like Palace Station’s promo codes

Talking about her achievements, she proudly flaunts two awards in the Holidify Explorer Awards 2018 in the Top Woman Travel Influencer and the Top Food & Travel Influencer category. Apart from that, she is a freelance writer and has come forward multiple times to help society. She had a campaign running during the dark covid times.

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Travel blogging is not quite much of a recognized profession across the country. Their reach is also quite limited to the metro cities and other advanced cities of India. Adding to that comes the big dip caused due to covid for three years. This profession demands a huge amount of hardwood, determination, and consistency to succeed. As rightly quoted by Seema Gurnani. If you are looking for some more travel accounts to follow, then you might consider the following:

  • Ajay Sood
  • Siddhartha Joshi
  • Neelima Vallangi
  • Swati and Sam

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