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Best Internal Communications Videos to Skyrocket Your Employee Engagement!

by Nathan Zachary
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It has never been more crucial to have effective team communication. Today, you need to provide hard assignments, excellent products to work on, and proficient communication to attract A-players to your team. In this regard, videos help tremendously. They promote brand awareness, enable information sharing among employees, and connect workers in various time zones. Additionally, the hiring and onboarding of personnel can benefit from using the movies in the human resource and recruitment industries.

What do you mean by internal communication here?

Video and audio messages are two types of internal communication that take advantage of leadership. People need to see a familiar face and hear a familiar voice to feel more at ease, even if it is crucial to offer written record of any changes in procedure and direction. Hence, it is one of the most challenging tasks for companies to develop positive relationships with employees, encourage loyalty, update with company news and keep them well-run in the corporate race. For this reason, and many more internal communication video animation is the need of the hour for organizations.

What are internal communication videos?

Given that both internal and external video communications utilize videos, they are extremely similar to one another. So one may wonder how it is different from any other kind of video material. An internal video can assist a business or corporation that operates globally reach every employee. They are quite impactful as they make it easier for viewers to relate to the content on an emotional level. Since the message is clear and direct, it allows them to grasp the context of content far better than other mediums. The best part is businesses of all types and sizes can make use of this setup.

How can internal communication videos skyrocket employee engagement?

In our professional life, we have grown accustomed to communicating with one another via emails and chats. Additionally, meetings are a necessary component of our daily company operations. These clerical tasks are designed to help and mentor team members about an on-going project. In other instances, the purpose of these is to describe all features of a new product. While all of this is equally important even to this date, now successful firms opt for internal communication videos in order to ensure employee engagement.

Best Internal Communications Videos to Skyrocket Your Employee Engagement:

Internal communications videos are incredibly effective after the constant rise of visual media consumption. Here is why they are ideal to skyrocket employee engagement.

1.       They define abstract concepts easily

Every firm has a few difficult-to-understand facets. Additionally, there are additional components of any organization that are challenging to define and put into words. Moving images help us find meaning since humans have powerful and exceptional visual abilities. The movie aids in capturing and placing our surroundings in context.

2.       They work fine for multi-unit teams

If you work in a large company, you may have already seen how challenging it is to communicate with teams in different time zones; you often have to stay up late to reach someone. Videos, however, can at least partially address communication issues. For instance, you could record a video for the entire team from a different time zone, and they would all use it.

3.       They have a lasting impact on staff

Communication has altered in the modern day as many firms have gone online and employees work from home. We communicate primarily through phone calls and messengers. But in order to communicate effectively in business, you must be compelling. And if you use both your sight and your hearing, like you do in video content, you can get there with ease.

4.       They build an instant connection

You would not want your workers to be edge with new tasks. Therefore, it is importance to get their attention and build bond through internal communication. The fact is an email or memo has no potential of making people laugh or grasp the urgency or significance of the issue. Videos are perfect for that as they elicit positive emotions in the workforce.


If you intend to revamp your company’s inner communication approach – go for internal communication videos. Video is apparently the fastest-growing subsets of digital advertising. So if it is not a part of your marketing plan, you might be missing out.

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