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Best iPhone Cases for iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro, and 14 Pro Max:

by Nathan Zachary
iphone 14 pro max case

iPhone 14 Pro case with Magsafe:

For half a year it was our favorite basic iPhone case. And especially now that Smartish has improved its tried-and-tested design by adding MagSafe magnets (for a small extra charge), it’s no surprise that this case beats the competition once again regarding the iPhone 14. The case is a one-piece protector made of a soft, rubber-like plastic (TPU or Thermoplastic Polyurethane). It’s elastic enough to attach to your phone easily, but not too stretchy, and the corners of the case won’t pop out randomly. Combined with the 3 small grooves on the sides, it provides a noticeable grip. We like cases that cover the iPhone buttons but don’t dampen the clicks. And while I can’t vouch for exactly how protective the four corner air pockets are, I can personally confirm that the case will survive more than a few drops. iPhone 14 case.
A close-up of the bottom of the Smartish Gripmunk iPhone 14 case. Holes for the phone’s microphone, speaker, and lightning port are indicated.

Slightly knurled edges for better grip and easier button presses. Photo by knot LLC

Smartish Gripmunk with MagSafe iPhone 14 Close-up of the button on the side of the case.

A close-up view of the bottom of the Smartish Gripmunk iPhone 14 case, shows the holes in the phone’s microphone, speaker, and lightning ports.

The non-MagSafe version’s case is made entirely of TPU, while the magnetic version houses a metal ring in a sheet of soft microfiber lining, so it’s not bulky. In our testing, the mounting system worked as expected for both mounting and charging. While previous generation iPhones had more camera bumps, they were short enough to provide adequate protection in the thickness of most cases, including the previous generation Gripmunk. Now that’s another story. Smartish explains this redesign with an all-around raised ring that protects the lens. In addition to great case design, Smartish always keeps prices low, which is one of the reasons we love their cases. Price isn’t a primary consideration for us, but when comparing everything out there, we empirically find very few instances that offer better features for the same or similar price. Case makers often charge higher prices for less impressive models. Defective, but not a breach of contract. The Chipmunk case ticks all the boxes, but it’s simple. Still, it’s plaintext at best. If you like it but plain colors don’t do much for you, consider one of the many prints Smartish offers. Or you can create your own custom design available for premium
through the company’s website. Colors Available:

Black, Blue, Clear (Nothin’ to Hide), Purple, Various Custom Designs MagSafe Compatible:

Yes, Black Applied to iPhone 14 His Caudabe case in understated style. feels like a Gripmunk alternative with similar materials and design features. The flexible material – Caudabe calls it “flexible polymer” – is textured throughout, not just around, and certainly adds support. Keys click with little resistance or dampening. , with minimal branding. The biggest downside is the price. The price of the Caudabe case is almost double the regular price of the Smartish. But if you like the Caudabe case aesthetics, I don’t think the price is unreasonable.

Apple iPhone 14 Case with MagSafe Cover:

Quality leather, clicky metal buttons, and attractive colors make MagSafe an easy choice for a leather case from Apple.

Also compatible with the following iPhones:

Apple iPhone 14 Plus Case with MagSafe. iPhone 14 Pro Leather Case with MagSafeApple iPhone 14 Pro Max Leather Case with MagSafe ) Replicates the quality for $60. Therefore, the Apple iPhone 14 Case with MagSafe is once again our favorite, thanks to its quality materials, all-around protection, click buttons, beautiful colors, and compatibility with MagSafe. All these make this the ideal iPhone leather case. Close-up view of the button on the side of the Apple iPhone 14 leather case with MagSafe.

Most other leather bags contain some kind of plastic or rubber. The Apple version, however, is all leather with thin, tough plastic hidden underneath. This design makes Apple cases look better than others. It also makes the case thinner, even when the case is raised over the phone’s screen and camera (for protection). The keycaps are metal and easy to spot thanks to the contrasting material. The click feeling is also exquisite. Some of Apple’s early leather cases exposed the bottom edge of the iPhone (admittedly, some people like to swipe from the bottom). However, we think the full protection offered by the new version is better because we don’t have to worry about damaging exposed aluminum or steel for a year until we get our next iPhone case. I’m here. The material tends to show slight signs of wear at first, what you might call patina. However, after a year or so, it begins to discolor, especially if you drop the iPhone frequently or get your hands wet with oil. and damage can extend to the plastic core. Apple also explicitly warns that MagSafe connectors can leave traces. Available Colors:

Ambra, Forest Green, Ink, Midnight, Orange MagSafe Compatibility:

Next to the Apple Leather Case is Nomad’s Modern Leather Case

. The Nomad case is not made entirely of leather, but rubber with a leather insert on the back. Prefer Apple’s complete leather design.
for iPhone 14 PlusSmartish Wallet Slayer Vol. 1 for iPhone 14 ProSmartish Wallet Slayer Vol. 1 for iPhone 14 Pro MaxWhy GreatThe wireless, wallet less future is years away. But until then, there are some cards, such as ID cards, that most people need to carry with them. Apple Pay doesn’t yet include an identification option, so Smartish’s Wallet Slayer Vol. 1 for iPhone 14

is the best way to get some. This is basically a Keeot.com

with a wallet built into the back that holds his 3 cards. Perfect for driver’s licenses, credit cards, and public transportation cards. Close-up of the bottom of the Smartish Wallet Slayer Vol
1 phone case housing the microphone, speaker, and flash vent.

The Smartish Wallet Slayer Vol. 1 phone case, pictured is an iPhone 14 with several credit cards in the wallet.

Smartish Wallet Slayer Vol. 1 Close-up of the button on the side of the iPhone case.

The Wallet Killer Vol. 1 is the same thickness with or without 3 cards. Photo: Michael Hession

Smartish Wallet Slayer Vol. 1 A close-up view of the bottom of the phone case, showing vents for the microphone, speaker, and flash.

Smart Wallet Slayer Vol. 1 smartphone case. The photo is an iPhone 14 and the wallet contains two of his credit cards.

Smartish Wallet Slayer Vol. 1 Close-up of the button on the side of the iPhone case.

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