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Best Mini Longboards

by Nathan Zachary

The best thing about miniature cruisers is the fact that they’re ideal for commuters without having to carry a massive and bulky board around. Mini cruisers come with big, soft wheels. Despite their smaller size, they permit carving.

Cruising can also be a good exercise, but you must be more active than longboards designed for cruisers. However, they are much more powerful when you choose the right board.

Let’s take a look at an overview of the top Mini Cruiser Skateboards!

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Best Mini Longboards

Best Mini Cruiser Skateboards & Longboards

These decks are highly coveted by cruisers due to their design performance, quality, and performance that the deck’s components provide. This isn’t the typical post about listing the pros and cons.

I tried all the cruisers on my own, there is there is no fake information, however my experience might be different from what you’ve experienced. I have tested more cruisers. You can find the link towards the end of this page.

1. Landyachtz Dinghy

One of the top small cruisers you can get is the Dinghy from Landyachtz. This Dinghy is the smaller sibling to Tug Boat. Tug Boat as well. The components are of top quality and extremely well tuned.

The Dinghy is a popular choice among cruisers and performs extremely easily straight out of the box! Take a look at the test ride I took with a friend. I conducted an deep review in the past If you’re looking for all the information, this board is one of the best.

Landyachtz has been making boards for a long time and also makes their own trucks and wheels. Their cruisers are renowned for their durability and quality.

The Dinghy is the ideal cruiser/commuter board is easy to carry around. The smaller models can be stored in a backpack, but this model must be strapped to. Some airlines permit these boards to be used as an carry-on item, so they follow the regulations.

The tiny wheelbase and trucks (105mm) makes it a bit nimble and turns. However, it effortlessly can be repositioned, meaning it’s also extremely robust for its size however you’ll need to increase the torque on the trucks. Do not loosen the wheels on the kingpins immediately in the first place.

You should ride it for around an hour or rock and cut for 30 minutes before you start, or else you could damage the integrity of the bushings. I tightened them just a slightly, which made a big difference.

It’s the perfect balance of driving, cruising and being compact enough to be able to do simple tricks (though for this, I’d recommend a normal skateboard).

This model has been in existence for quite a while, and the style has changed throughout the decades. However, it’s the most popular one mini-cruiser available. Mini cruisers can be expensive but they’re not.

The issue with many low-cost cruisers is that they’re constructed of inferior components. You can certainly purchase the cruiser for less than 70 dollars but the bearings are typically made of poor quality, and the wheels are made of a low-quality polyurethane (plastic) mix.

Here’s the reason this cruiser is one of the most sought-after:

  • Simple to transport It’s compact (28,5″) great to use for daily commutes (there are smaller versions)
  • The kicktail lets you perform tricks or jump over curbs
  • The wheels are of high-quality and great on uneven surfaces. The large soft wheels provide smooth, silky rides
  • It has a smooth concave that helps to make the board more responsive.
  • The best price is for quality with durable parts that last for a long time
  • It’s a great ride , and it’s quiet.

Check: https://longboardings.com

It is possible to get stronger bushings or wait to become comfortable with this, though there’s also an alternative. I’ve been told that bigger and tall riders or those with large feet would struggle to learn how to maneuver with this boat. I doubt this is the case, however you could opt to an alternative like the Landyachtz Tugboat instead. It’s a little more expensive.

Some claim that it’s not an appropriate board for beginners, however I let a few newbies try it and they loved it. A person commented that it was heavy but extremely stable. She was able to ride this board. It may have to do in part with the fact the board is extremely robust.

In any case, this is the ultimate cruiser that permits you to master basic maneuvers and will take you anywhere. Landyachtz is a top brand that knows what the people want. You are sure to be satisfied.

(or Deck) (or Deck)

The board is made up of 7ply’s of maple (7 layers pressed and glue-bonded) that is highest quality wood available when it is used for skateboards. Since it’s a smaller size, it’s not very flexible. The board feels rigid that provides stability, and also has a the soft concave. The concave is ideal to carve as it lets your feet have more grip when leaning.

Maple wood is a great choice, however, it is important to care for the board. It’s an organic material, and you must maintain it’s dry. Do not leave it in the sun when it’s too hot. This can be harmful to the epoxy resin which holds the ply’s joints together. The same goes for rain, the glue will become brittle and the board could begin to disintegrate.

For it’s grip tape, the current one comes with a clear grip on the top (which can become dirty) however there are versions that have darker grip tape. The grip isn’t abrasive and it’s easy for your feet to walk.

The board also features wheels wellsthat assist in preventing wheels from getting bitten (your wheels coming in the surface of the boards while you cut). Tails are slightly raised ( kicktail) and lets you hop curbs and even do ollies.


The trucks are rather small (105mm) however that’s normal for the size of a board like this. Smaller trucks are less stable overall but are fine for cruising. Landyachtz manufactures its own vehicles and you won’t find cheap off-brand products.

They have Polar Bear trucks and reinforced axles as well as quality hangers. The bigger seats on the bushings increase capability to turn as well as the riser pad assist to stop wheel bite.

The baseplate comes with eight holes which allows you to choose to ride on an old school truck or a brand new one (that’s something to consider at another day).

They might feel loose or sloppy at the beginning but the bushings require time to get used to. The nut can be tightened on the kingpins after you’ve have sailed for a few hours. Make sure to do this in a timely manner as you may damage the bushings.

Wheels & Bearings

The Dinghy is equipped with huge soft wheels and is incredibly speedy. Its durometer is at 78A, and the diameter is about 63 millimeters. The wheel’s size and toughness (or softness) is able to deal with tiny cracks, rocks, and twigs, meaning that they aren’t a problem for the wheels while you’re on the move.

Beware of glass when you see it, it could get stuck in your wheels. This can be frustrating even although the wheels are constructed of top-quality urethane. You don’t want to have anything stuck to them.

Bearings are often ignored, however they are the reason the wheels turn. Bearings that are good will make the wheels spin for a long time and poor ones for less than five minutes. Imagine the amount of exertion required to move a board that has poor bearings.

The Dinghy is equipped fitted with Bear Spaceball bearings which are very fine. The bushings are shielded by spacers that attach to rings, and prevent dirt and dust from getting into the bearings. Make sure to keep them in good condition by cleaning them at least once per year, and they’ll last longer.

I’m still not certain about the bearings now, so I’ll revisit this blog post to let you know the results. UPDATE So far, they have been holding their own. New bearings are being tested soon! Update: The new bearings are much better. Continue reading as I tried the cruiser you could ever regret purchasing.

2. Magneto Mini Cruiser (Budget)

The cheapest option of the list, but it could still be an adequate mini-cruiser If you’re willing to not overlook its weaknesses. I tried my best to find a boat that’s less expensive but still offers the cruiser experience.

The bearings aren’t the best however, you’ll be able to repair this slightly by using silicone grease. It will cause them to run faster. You could think about purchasing the best bearings after you’ve become at ease with your speed.

Sometimes, the deck can be somewhat warped. Make sure you test it prior to riding it. These are mass-produced boards and often an unsuitable board can slip through regular quality tests. My board is in good condition and I’m still amazed by what you can get for your price. For a detailed

I actually spent more than twice the price because I had to import and present some good photos. It’s very similar to the Dinghy to be honest, I’m wondering what is the reason… However I’ve just written an extensive review and came across some fascinating information you will not find elsewhere. In the end, it’s this is a decent cruiser for the money, however it’s not perfect.

I think this model is good to get when you’re on a limited budget. The bushings are soft , and the trucks are very loose. Take it for around an hour and alter the tightness of the trucks. It’s also possible to save a few dollars and buy a board more expensive. It’s not comparable to other boards we have listed.

It is essential to keep pushing often to maintain the speed, which can be frustrating for more experienced riders. If you are able to save more money , you can get an upgraded board.

People who are just beginning to learn like this board, and I believe it’s a great choice for someone who is novice to riding, however it’s not the most thrilling riding experience. I believe that’s too excessive for its cost. It certainly has that “WOW cool new board that you need to ride right now. But, you get what you spend for.

3. Arbor Oso (Old School Cruiser)

Its Arbor Oso Foundation cruiser is larger and more user-friendly than the Dinghy and Magneto and, of course, it looks awesome. Top-quality parts and board! I’ve just completed my first test ride , and it could be my new most-loved cruiser.

Make sure to be aware of the fact that this board is difficult to find nowadays, and they typically are out of stock due to the global mess that we are in.

It’s quite broad and less agile in comparison to the Dinghy, but it’s a peaceful and relaxing ride when you take a ride on this board. It’s quick, stable and isn’t a problem with cracks, gravel or rough terrain.

If you’re unsure regarding the Dinghy’s dimensions the one you’re looking at is an alternative. I have recently went through and reviewed the board, and I am in love with. The board is awesome comfortable, stable and super stable!

It was love at first sight with the truck at the first time I tried it the pedal, it’s like a solid foundation. Wide trucks offer the most stable ride, and if you put your feet wrongly you’ll be able to tell but it’ll not make you feel uncomfortable.

The advantage of small boards is while you must place your feet precisely This board is quite flexible and it will gradually adjust to get your ideal stance.

It’s fast! I didn’t think this board would to perform so well when you push it to the limit, but it’s not worried. Whatever you push it, this board is steady and stable. I believe this model could be used for riding bowls. The wheels aren’t overly large and provide plenty of grip.


  • Length: 31.5”
  • Width: 9.5”
  • Wheelbase: 14.5”
  • Concave Radial – Depth Medium
  • Griptape: Clear, Spray-On
  • The Flex Level Stiff
  • Wheels: 78A -61mm contact patch 36mm
  • 7 Ply Maple Premium Wood Topsheet

If you’re beginning to learn or heavier, and are looking for a sturdy, flexible cruiser. This board simply rocks, but you need to loosen the trucks a little as they’re quite tight right out of the box, which makes turning a bit more difficult.

It takes a while to adjust the bushings. If you find this board to heavy for you look into the smaller Arbor Pilsner at further down this page.


It’s a monster of a deck, and it’s amazing. I purchased a lot of items to use on this blog. The arbor Oso came in the package that created a huge box. The deck is massive by almost 10 inches wide , which is quite impressive. It looks sturdy and gives lots of stability. A huge kicktail that is amazing.


These 169mm Paris trucks aren’t a joke Their stability is something I truly appreciate but I was forced to tweak them as they’re pretty tight. The more you loosen the trucks, the more fun the board becomes. For beginners If you don’t tweak the tightness , you’ll experience a lot of trouble.

The bushings can be quite hard to work with and for a novice you must be able and able to rectify small balancing mistakes. In the event that you do not loosen the wheels, you’ll eat the shit.

My friend (while conducting tests) stated that the truck felt slow, and I also experienced similar symptoms, but once we altered the tightness of our Kingpin nut, it was a big difference.

Paris trucks are among the top options in the world of cruisers, but you have to work with them to benefit you. It is possible to swap the bushings to give it more fun however it’s not necessary when you’re a large or heavy-built individual.

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