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Best Companies for Explainer Videos

by Nathan Zachary

Here is our ranking of some of the best studios for creating animated videos. Despite the list’s limitations, you can find some reputable studios here to handle your animation project, regardless of its purpose.

  • Visionary Web Studios-Bell Gardens, California
  • Regular People-Vancouver, British Columbia
  • D’ART Shtajio – Japan, Tokyo
  • Giant Ant-Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Pigmental-Washington, DC
  • Run Studios-In Seattle, Washington
  • The Spa Studio-Madrid, Spain
  • Cub Studio-England’s Brighton
  • Titmouse-Los Angeles, California
  • Guru Studio-Toronto, Ontario

1. Innovative Web Studios

One of the top explainer video production companies in the business is Visionary Web Studios. Please review the company’s prior work to determine its capabilities. Visionary enjoys producing cutting, fast-moving videos that are great for use as subliminal advertisements with viewers. The company collaborates with a wide range of sectors, including banking, health, finance, and technology.

It’s amazing how the company prioritizes telling real stories while still managing to convey the essence of the brand in each and every animated video. It’s interesting to note that Visionary Web Studios, a black-owned animation company, is capable of producing a variety of animated video content.

2. Regular People

One of the best motion graphics studios is called Ordinary Folk, and it is based in Vancouver, Canada. This animation boutique is renowned for producing one-of-a-kind motion graphics that are engrossing and understandable. They are constantly coming up with fresh and awesome ideas.

3. Shtajio D’ART

D’ART Shtajio will find you some awesome Japanese anime if you’re looking for it. This studio produces anime of the highest caliber as one of the fastest-growing black-owned animation companies around. You can trust that their animated video storytelling, which is based in Tokyo, Japan, won’t let you down.

4. Huge Ant

There have been Giant Ants for a while. They are one of the most sought-after animation studios by animators looking for work because of their innovative frame-by-frame animation styles. See if they fit your project by checking them out.

5. Pigmental

Pigmental has made a name for itself as a powerful force in the production of animated videos for both feature films and TV shows. This studio, which has offices in Washington, DC, Los Angeles, and Vancouver, has created some incredible animated videos over the years.

6. Studio Run

Companies that produce videos can take many different forms. The imaginative storytelling of Run Studio is limitless. Run Studios combines live-action and animation services for business. Even though live-action videos are their primary production, they do work on commercial animation projects.

7. The Studio Spa

It’s not simple to produce content for streaming services like Netflix. The Spa Studios appears to be adept at doing that. They are among the best animation studios in the world, having produced cartoons like Asterix, The Smurfs, and Smallfoot.

8. Bear Studio

The animation production companies poised for great success are aware of the potential of videos as a platform for bringing up social, political, and human rights issues. To create vibrant animation videos for social media platforms, electronic media, renowned brands, banks, and sports organizations, Cub Studio expertly analyzes current trends and combines that knowledge.

9. Titmouse

Titmouse, who calls himself a motion scientist and master of shapes, certainly has a knack for setting things in motion. There are some animation studios with a lot more to offer. They certainly live up to their reputation, as evidenced by their diverse portfolio. Creativity is based here, in New York and Los Angeles.

10. Expert Studio

Some of the most well-known kids’ TV programs, including Paw Patrol and True and the Rainbow Kingdom, are produced by Guru Studio. This video company is not your typical one. Award-winning television programs are nothing new to Guru. You would realize why if you’ve seen any of their programs.


The best-animated video production companies will always be willing to discuss delivery methods, subject matter, implementation tactics, and brand messaging for your target audience.

99% of the brands want to continue using the services of video production companies to create original video content for this reason alone. Additionally, over 10% more animation videos were watched on YouTube in just one year.

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