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Best Sports News Sites in Vietnam

by Nathan Zachary

There are many ways to keep up with the news in Vietnam. You can watch television, listen to the radio, or you can get a newspaper. However, one of the most interesting methods to stay up to date with the sports world in Vietnam is to go online. The best sports websites can offer you access to all the latest news in a range of sporting events.

Xem the Van Hoa

Xem the Van Hoa is a site that provides in-depth coverage of sports Nhà cái 8xbet in Vietnam. The site is available in a variety of languages and is a must-visit for fans of all kinds. The site offers news, live scores, and predictions, among others. The site also has a mobile application for users to download.

The Xem the Van Hoa website is the best way to get up-to-date on all the latest events in the world of sports. The site includes a forum where fans can discuss issues pertaining to their favorite teams. It also allows you to place bets. It is multilingual and is available for PCs and mobile devices.


Xem the Van Hoa is an online sports news website that is worth a look if you are a fan of the sport. It offers comprehensive coverage of the game, both at home and abroad. Among other things, the site allows users to place bets on their favorite teams.

The site is available in both English and Vietnamese. It boasts a large video library and a user friendly graphical interface. Aside from the usual suspects, Xem the Van Hoa also has a mobile app. One of the best features of this site is the forum. Fans can get together to discuss their favorite teams and the games they have been watching.

Tuoi Tre News

There are a number of sports news websites in Vietnam. These are updated regularly and provide the latest news about sports. Some of these websites also have forums for discussion. There are also mobile applications that allow users to access the news and scores anytime. Whether you are a sports enthusiast or just a fan of football, there are many sports news sites that will cater to your needs.

YouSport is one of the most popular sports news sites in Vietnam. It provides detailed coverage of international and local sporting events. It offers live scores, articles, videos, and predictions. It is updated twenty-four hours a day. It is available in both Vietnamese and English. YouSport also has a mobile application. It has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for people to navigate through. You can also access the site from your PC.

Bao Dat Viet Doc

Bao Dat Viet Doc is a sports news site in Vietnam. The website provides updates on international, national, local, and regional sports news. In addition to sports, the website covers the latest news in the world, culture, social health, and education.

It is one of the most popular sports websites in Vietnam. The website offers player profiles and scores. It also features schedules of boxing events in Vietnam. It provides live reports on international and local games. You can even access the website’s Facebook account.

The website is also available through its mobile application. This is useful for those who are away from home and do not want to miss out on the latest updates.

Thanh Nien

Thanh Nien is the most popular sports news website in Vietnam. It provides information on a wide variety of sports, including football, volleyball, basketball, and more. The site also provides a community for fans to talk about their favorite sports. The website is also an excellent resource for local and international sports fans.

Other than Thanh Nien, there are many other sports news websites in Vietnam. Some of them focus on soccer, while others offer comprehensive coverage of other sports. The sites provide accurate information and predictions of major sporting events.

Lao Dong Online

Lao Dong Online is a digital news site that provides 24-hour coverage on a wide range of topics. This includes news on technology, entertainment, politics, society, business, health, and travel. The website is available on PCs, mobile devices, and social media sites. There are also many sections to choose from, including business, entertainment, science and technology, lifestyles, sports, and military.

There are several other online sports news websites in Vietnam. These sites provide live scores, breaking news, and videos. They also feature prediction games, game schedules, and standings. You can find these sites in English and Vietnamese languages.


If you’re a sports fan in Vietnam, there are several online sports Nhà cái 8xbet news sites you can check out. These websites give you all the information you need to keep up with the latest news and games. Some websites offer live scores, while others feature videos and prediction games. These sites are especially helpful to football fans.

One of the best sports news sites in Vietnam is EightX. It is a well-established website that is updated daily with fresh content. This site provides comprehensive coverage of sports events in Vietnam and across the globe. Its articles are written by a team of vetted professionals. It also offers live scores and a forum for sports enthusiasts. The website’s content is available in both English and Vietnamese.

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