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Best Ways to watch Instagram Stories without others knowing?

by Nathan Zachary

Instagram Tips and Tricks: Here’s how to view Instagram Stories of other users without alerting them.

Now, Instagram Stories, Reels, IGTVs, and other Insta-related content are indispensable to our daily lives. It is always time to share our lives on Instagram. This includes the desire to observe the actions of others. Also see: How to Verify Your Instagram Account: A Detailed Guide

But what if we wish to watch this (primarily via Stories) without them knowing? Currently, this is the most probable scenario and a frequently asked question. The solution consists of simple workarounds that can be utilized to complete the task. Continue reading to discover how to view Instagram Stories without the owners’ knowledge. If you have a question about what happens if you block someone after viewing their story, please explain. I will provide an answer in this post.

Best Ways to watch Instagram Stories without others knowing?

Way 1 

This is the simplest method for secretly viewing someone’s Instagram Story. Simply tap on the Story that follows the one you wish to view in secret. Read more about how Meta is introducing NFTs to Facebook and Instagram.

Tap the story you’re currently reading to pause it. Once this occurs, you must swipe to the left to access the desired story. This must be carried out in stages. You will then reach the middle of both Instagram Stories, where you can view the story of your choosing without registering your name.

Simply avoid swiping too quickly, as this will alert them that you’ve viewed their story. Also, keep in mind that this hack only provides a glimpse of the story.Read more instagram message request disappeared

way 2

Using airplane mode is another simple way to view Instagram Stories without alerting the user. Launch the Instagram app on your iOS or Android device. Please wait a moment while the Stories load.

When this occurs, turn on the airplane mode. Return to the application and launch the Instagram Stories you wish to view. Thus, the individual whose story you viewed will be unaware that you viewed it.

way 3

Method Install the ‘Chrome IG Story’ Chrome extension to start viewing Instagram stories without leaving a trace.

Install the extension, launch Instagram’s web interface, and enter your credentials. After that, you can view the Instagram Stories of other users without their knowledge.

Way 4

You will now see a folder containing the individual’s most recent 24 hours of posts and stories. You can open the folder and read each story individually without the person’s knowledge. You may also report or save the stories if you wish.

Android users can utilize the BlindStory app. Simply download the app and sign in with your Instagram credentials. You can now search for a variety of profiles. Simply locate the individual whose story you wish to view, and the Stories and Story highlights will appear there. By tapping on them, you can view their Stories without them knowing.

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