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BigTime Software vs Core BQE: The Ultimate Comparison

by Nathan Zachary
BigTime Software vs Core BQE: The Ultimate Comparison

There are hundreds of options for managing projects present in the market. Since the Covid-19, different firms have transitioned to online workplaces. Increasingly businesses began to recognize the need to select the right software to keep their company agile methods with effectiveness and growth. Despite this misunderstanding, numerous organizations lost money in a mad dash to select customized solutions. However, they neglected to examine their aims and expectations for project management software.

BigTime Software and core BQE are two of the most sought-after solutions for project management tools among numerous enterprises. If you’re confused about BQE Core vs. BigTime, allow us to help you differentiate between them and have a better grasp of which is the superior option.

BigTime Software vs BQE Core:

BigTime Software:

In the field of management, the BigTime software is widely used and the preferred option of numerous respected firms. This program has gained a reputation for being extremely user-friendly and adaptable to user needs. The program, which has several customers worldwide, is utilized by professionals from all around the globe. In fact, the software is so popular that its developers have programmed it to support multiple languages, like Cantonese, Polish, and Finnish. Furthermore, individuals from many fields, such as architects, researchers, IT specialists, and accountants, can utilize this program to its full potential.

BQE Core:

Core BQE software was developed for various project management applications, particularly design professionals. It enables the company to be especially appealing to professionals in the fields of engineering and architecture. When Shafat Oazi became dissatisfied with workbooks and how he worked with them, he developed the program to address the industry’s flaws. He envisioned a solution that would give him accessibility to everything via a simple piece of software. Since its inception, several users have relied on the tool for its dependability and convenience. It is no longer limited to a few specialized domains; its adaptability has permitted it to build impactful features that have left their imprint on numerous commercial industries.

Define the aims and goals you anticipate and want to accomplish with the project management tool. Let’s discuss the perks of core BQE and BigTime so that you understand what you should pursue comprehensively.

Perks of Using BigTime:


Reviews of BigTime indicate that the tool features adjustable invoicing types. You may personalize the layouts by incorporating your logo, location, and corporate insignia, among other elements.

BigTime’s invoicing, and payment capabilities help to set configurable billing rates. Invoices can be generated in numerous ways using this approach. Consequently, you can pay a predetermined price for work and exertion, specific stages, or success percentages. In light of the versatility and customization you may require on various occasions, this billing and invoicing automated driving technique has been demonstrated to be quite substantial. It results in a significant benefit for customers of the BigTime program.


BigTime Software is unique among its peers for its user-friendly and adequate monitoring tools, which automated project administration. It makes it possible to make the most of this chance to regulate your time and energy properly. It contains built-in time monitoring and expense tracking so that you may execute commercial operations with greater precision and less manual effort. Users can access proprietary technology like monitoring customizations, DAA timings, versatile smart search, cost analysis definition, and statistics. Monitoring is one of the influential qualities because it functions as a type of audit for a company. And BigTime provides an innovative advantage in this aspect.

Review Process:

With this feature of the BigTime program, users can minimize concerns such as lost timesheets and delayed expenditure reports. You can anticipate an easy review procedure. By analyzing the timesheet, it is possible to avoid mistakes in financial reporting that necessitate further effort. BigTime additionally sends out reminders for system generation. You and your team will be adequate to sustain a typical review process.

Cross-approval ensures that the request is continuously evaluated and authorized by the appropriate individual before submission. You can also generate official invoices using this application. The capability establishes an automated method for evaluating, refusing, and approving inquiries.

Perks of Using BQE Core:


Both Core BQE and BigTime include dashboards that consolidate all this into one location so that you have availability to everyone in one location. However, comparative ratings of the BQE core seem to be more in line with the dashboard’s favorable rating. It contains numerous functionalities that can be managed from a single location while the user experience stays extremely curious.


Reviews of BQE Core attest to the usefulness of this ability, which allows you to change the components to your specifications. Both BQE core and BigTime in this evaluation provide this feature. BigTime offers additional capabilities, such as monitoring and invoicing, that may be customized, whereas BQE offers you entirely configurable templates based on your requirements. This feature lets you save some time and allows you to input information into an initial layout rather than designing everything from scratch. If the design is not up to your needs, you can leverage this feature to customize it further.


The tracking tactics BQE Core provided are helpful and include typical pre-designed timecards and adjustments. Smart expense reports in BQE Core facilitate invoicing and billing by delivering alerts to keep an accurate time record for tasks and expenditures. This function provides numerous users with precise and user-centric tracking services to ensure sales and profit.

Final Verdict:

BigTime Software and BQE Core serve distinct functions for firms in comparable industries, but there are significant variations between the two. Explain your objectives and requirements for the software solution you anticipate. Consequently, assessing the bundle that fits your needs falls within your financial constraints. The wisest course of action is to act in your own best interest.

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