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Binge: Stereotypes of Restaurant Waiters and Customers

by Nathan Zachary

Every industry has stereotypes. Restaurant photos are especially appealing, as this video from Dude Perfect shows. From overzealous waiters to obnoxious customers, it pokes fun at common restaurant clichés we all know.

At least some of these scenarios can be found in the restaurant (if not).

To help you and your team avoid going crazy, we’ve broken down the pieces of these restaurants and provided tips on how to make the most of these crazy, awkward, and sometimes hilarious situations.

Player Waiter;

That waiter, man or woman, is funny…or so they think. You may have lost your job as a comedian, but luckily: You’ll get the best of the food court. Leeke. At night.

This is one of those Restaurants that you must visit. Laugh at every joke. Ignite your passion. Help them be funny. Maybe you can give them a comic book once they get a line.

Ambition fee;

Who doesn’t love a server that goes above and beyond? Never stay dry in his presence! They are always there: waiting and waiting for the next cup to be filled.

We’d say just put drinks on the table. But do you really want to outdo these emerging restaurants?

Mr. Bad mannered customer;

oh man This is the guy. Everything this client does is loud and rude. Ask about special offers. Tell original jokes. Blow your nose. Strangely, he always travels in packs. Do such people have real friends?

Try not to judge. We’re sure people will find this guy cute, and yes, maybe he really is. So take these restaurant clichés without a doubt…but practice your fake smile in the meantime.

Very friendly waiter;

These pictures of restaurants are so beautiful. It looks very nice. It’s everyone’s best friend to make your guests feel uncomfortable and over-aggressive. They share jokes within minutes of meeting people. They have nicknames for common strangers…like partner, partner or friend.

Not you, but these extravagant restaurant covers are like gold diggers. They like people and talk to people, did we mention they love people? Everyone loves a gold digger. So it’s a win-win situation… unless you’re a cat. In this case, there is another problem to be solved.

Telephone skills;

Ah, nothing like a night out on the town with friends. So you went into a restaurant. Give people a place to meet and reconnect. Waiting. They’re already on their phones. They didn’t look for fifteen minutes. Nobody talks to each other.

The constant presence of smartphones has become a staple of life. Whether it’s checking emails, using social media, or chatting about the latest Jimmy Kimmel song (or a funny video about restaurant clichés), phones are everywhere. So fight fire with fire and swap one device for another with extra small tablets. The difference is that all these tablets come together for good…

The boy with the wrong name;

Say hello to Mr. Harry Butte. Or whatever it’s called. You see, we don’t know what to say to these customers because they give us the wrong (and often bad) name. You’ll never know what your real name is—these restaurant stereotypes seem to love a life of mystery. But if you call the manager a hedge horse, you can guess who it is by laughing wildly.

Beat them in a restaurant indoor game. Call them by their first names during your visit. Look, you can be funny too. Aren’t nicknames fun?


As they say in the south, “bless your heart”. Those bad restaurant shots, often through your clothes, are easy to spot in the latest spots. Other waiters wave as they pass, especially when their hands are full of plates. His trophy count has dropped dramatically since the beginning. When a plate of hot soup falls on Mrs. Jones’s frog… …they don’t have a nice table with high-ranking guests after this incident.

Angry Animal;

Who would have thought that an influential client could be so angry about a football match? Are you waiting five minutes at Fivea? Or like everyone else?

Unfortunately, it’s one of those restaurant clichés you see all too often. You can soften the blow of his anger by taking care of his needs. But it is exhausting and sometimes a bit unrealistic. So if the customer starts to get upset, you can suggest another restaurant that better matches their restaurants… like delivery.

Guest of candidate;

Have you noticed that your bladder is a little weak? It is a sign of humor. These players love to cause the slightest inconvenience to your friends and other guests with silly pranks that can leave guests speechless. As far as restaurant clichés go, they’re pretty innocent…but just as boring.

Show off your fun gadget. Remove all types of glue, rubber stamps and other clay tools. Hide the list of the number of days since the last disaster in the back of the house. It’s good to dive into those silly restaurant clichés!

Boring Musician;

They thought live music would be a good idea. “Hire a musician,” they said. “What could go wrong?” As mentioned above. Well, now there’s an acoustic guitarist holding a switch and shouting loudly into a poorly tuned microphone while sitting on the laps of guests. Yes, it doesn’t look good in restaurants.

Even divided odd;

No MOON. The couple sat down in the middle of the dining room. They lower their heads and whisper loudly. One of them starts crying. Everyone around him looks angry. One of the classic restaurants is a couple divorcing in public.

how to do with

Trust us, you don’t want to deal with restaurants that are ten foot poles. It’s quite awkward, don’t do it by interrupting him more than necessary. Keep the Ambition Recharge away from them. And prepare a piece of your best-selling dessert. Someone at this table will need it.

Good price, small portion;

It’s one of the restaurant clichés that you usually see in the most upscale restaurants. Customers order a high-priced appetizer in hopes of getting a full meal. Instead, they are treated to a sprinkling of protein beans, micro-vegetables and sauce on a beautifully decorated but sparse plate.

Don’t be a restaurant…break the restaurant stereotypes! Even if your place is tastier, give people what they pay for in larger portions. Or at least be more honest in describing the food. If there is only one (1) shrimp on the shrimp plate instead of several, say so. Just be sure to sell the shrimp with a detailed description just to confirm why such a quality ingredient deserves to be alone on your own plate.

I hate birthday;

Some people like to remove all barriers on their birthdays. No problem, we got it. But some places take it to the next level with one of the most feared Asain Restaurants: the extravagant birthday party. There is singing. There is dancing. Who brought a silly string? Why is the 30-year-old birthday boy crying? It’s too much.

Don’t put a candle on a cake and call it a day. It’s up to you to break these restaurant stereotypes. You can do it. For madness.

Whether you’ve encountered one or all of these restaurant clichés, it’s good to have a plan, or at least it’s funny to laugh at these usually harmless people. I’m glad we could help.

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