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BMW Comcars will be replaced by electric cars

by Nathan Zachary

Wapcar Automotive News – The federal fleet of more than 90 diesel-powered BMW 6 Series GTs will be replaced by electric vehicles within 18 months.

According to an exclusive report from the Canberra Times, BMW diesel cars used by the federal government will be replaced by electric vehicles within the next 18 months.

According to the national capital newspaper, the 3-year BMW 6 Series GT full-size car lease will begin to expire from February 2023 and electric vehicles will be considered to replace BMW’s current fleet. And it would have an impact on BMW used car Malaysia.

Known as Comcar, the Australian Government Commonwealth vehicle fleet is managed by the Department of Finance and includes 97 BMW 620d GTs, 45 Toyota Camry hybrids, 14 Kia ​​Carnivals and two Toyota vans HiAce.

The BMW 620d GT four-cylinder turbo-diesel coupe has been selected by Comcar to replace the V8-powered Holden Caprice limousine in 2020, just months before BMW scrapped the unusual model in Australia. Comcar’s initial assessment of the Holden Caprice replacement included 18 vehicles, including the BMW 5-Series Sedan, Hyundai Genesis Sedan, Mercedes E-Class Sedan, BMW X5 SUV and Mercedes-Benz GLE SUV, according to a report from Canberra Times. .

Speaking to the National Press Club in June 2022, Secretary for Climate Change and Energy Chris Bowen announced that the Federal Government will “transform the Commonwealth’s fleet to emissions vehicles 75% (zero)” by 2025.

This assignment does not include current hybrids from BMW and Toyota Camry with diesel engines.

Mr. Bowen said Comcar’s fleet of electric vehicles will eventually make it to the used car market for private buyers, as has been the case with most government vehicles before.

Mr Bowen told us in June:  cars of the Commonwealth would be handed over every three years.

That leads to the second hand market. Right now you can’t buy a used electric car in Australia and as we all know if you really want an affordable car it’s almost certainly is an old car.

When the Commonwealth’s fleet of vehicles comes into play and the Commonwealth gets rid of electric vehicles three years after they’re purchased, you start putting [electric cars] into the used market.

A search of Australian used car websites shows more than 700 used electric cars for sale across the country, although some are for sale at a premium. price at the time of purchase. Comcar is said to have started looking for an electric replacement for the BMW 6 Series and Toyota Camrys, according to The Canberra Times.

In early 2021, Comcar is said to have conducted a two-year test to evaluate the ability of its fleet to operate without petrol or diesel, taking delivery of two electric vehicles – a Hyundai Ioniq and a Tesla Model 3, reports.

While the Tesla Model 3 is Australia’s best-selling electric car, the Hyundai Ioniq was pulled from the domestic market in May as it neared the end of global production.

A spokesperson for the Treasury Department told Drive that the Tesla Model 3 is the only electric vehicle in Comcar’s fleet.

For now, the electric car push will not include the flagship BMW 7 Series sedan, which is a special armored model.

Given the increased weight of the bomb and bulletproof vehicles, it is not clear when heavy electric vehicle technology will be applied to VIP vehicles.

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