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Strategies for Video Marketing to Boost Your Profits

by Nathan Zachary

When making a video that will go viral, having a broad perspective on how you intend to market to your target audience can mean the difference between success and failure. After all, where content articles fall short, video marketing increases a company’s chance of exposure. Be hopeful rather than hopeless. Learn sound tactics that will boost exposure and, ultimately, boost your revenue.

There are 5 easy-to-use guidelines that you can use to develop a video marketing strategy.

1.      Recognize Your Target Market

The demographics of your intended audience only offer broad generalizations about gender, age, and ethnicity. However, understanding your target audience involves more than just their location.

If you do some research on the mindset of your target market, what they enjoy doing in their spare time, and why they would be interested in your good or service, you will be much more successful. To engage your audience, have a clear understanding of what drives them.

Mapping out data points for use as a guide is the best way to determine how to engage an audience. Who is currently purchasing your good or service, in other words? What other videos do they like? What do they enjoy on social media, and what other products do they frequently purchase? Have a clear understanding of the market gap your product or service fills if you are just starting out and have few or no customers.

2.      Share a Story

A story can help people connect. Tell a story that is clear enough for the person watching to verbally recount what happened to their friends. As in “John went into a store, bought some candy, and gave it to a man who was sleeping on the street.” The concept is intriguing despite being relatively easy to understand because homeless people typically want food or cash rather than candy. The story is more likely to be discussed because it defies logic. Keep in mind the narrative you want to convey about your product or service as you create your videos. Keep it straightforward but add a twist. Spend some time crafting a script that will transform your story into a significant response to a need of your audience.

3.      Establish Emotional Bonds

Videos of puppies, kittens, and children consistently receive shares on social media. Humans naturally have an emotional bond with childhood innocence. However, the truth is that not all goods or services cater to both children and animals. Even if the video featured animals or children to increase “likes,” this is probably not the most effective strategy for reaching your target audience and promoting your video. Be careful not to overthink this. Determine what straightforward idea might be appealing to your intended audience. If there isn’t an emotional trigger, sad content is less likely to be shared than dramatic or funny content. Establish brand ties with charitable organizations that support the objectives and mission of your business. Create a narrative based on these connections to help your brand become more relatable.

4.      Social Capital

People share content because it makes them feel valuable or gives them good social standing in the eyes of their peers. When people actually visited bookstores rather than Amazon in the past, the self-help section wasn’t a place where people sought attention. Self-help content is less frequently shared because no one wants to admit they are depressed or sad. Regardless of the context, if the topic arouses strong emotions, it is likely to be shared. As crucial components of your marketing strategy, social currency and emotional triggers complement one another. Give your audience pertinent and worthwhile information so they will learn something that their friends might not. People can feel as though they are helping their friends and elevating their own social currency by sharing information that is helpful to their friends.

5.      Create a Catchy Headline

Make sure to include an attention-grabbing headline when posting your video to your website or social media platforms. Search engine optimized (SEO) keywords should be used in the headline to help people find your video quickly and naturally. Make sure to include your company name in the headline if you want people to be able to find your business after you upload it to YouTube. Be specific as well. Cats is a very general term, so using it in your headline may make it harder to promote your video. When selecting keywords for your headline, Google’s Keyword Planner is an excellent resource to use.

Use words that clearly communicate your selling proposition to your target audience in addition to keywords. Write the most significant aspects of your product first, followed by any supporting arguments, and carefully arrange your points. Use powerful adjectives to describe your product or service, such as “simple,” “easy,” “reliable,” and “incredible.” Remember to use language that your audience can relate to, such as “just like you.” Check out Robert Bly’s “The Copywriter’s Handbook” for creative copywriting suggestions. Even the most seasoned copywriters consult this book as a resource to spark their imagination.

To Sum Up:

Developing a marketing strategy necessitates research above all. Take the time to comprehend the audience you are marketing to and their motivations. Without a clear understanding of your end goal, it is pointless to spend money on marketing that you will later regret throwing away while wondering why no one has watched your video. Use keywords that will resonate with your target audience to streamline your message. Study past consumer responses to your marketing efforts and keep an eye out for trends that could help your video gain social currency. When things don’t always go as planned, be adaptable enough to change your strategy in the following video.

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