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What is Custom Packaging? Branded Packaging: The Top 6 Benefits

by Nathan Zachary
Branded Packaging

Long gone are the days of putting your products in an unmarked cardboard box and sending them to your customers. It doesn’t matter if people want to admit it, but first impressions do matter. It matters a lot.

It is a cost-effective and amazing way to impress your customers and leave a lasting impression for your brand. This will lead to more word of mouth, social media sharing and brand loyalty.

What is Custom Packaging?

A Custom Branded Packaging package is one that is made from scratch to meet a company’s needs. It is not a pre-made or standard box or packaging that might be suitable for a product. Modifying a package’s size, shape, color, style, materials, varnish, and other specifications is part of custom packaging.

Your Small Custom Boxes can be more than just printed cardboard. Your brand will be proud to display custom packaging. It’s a chance to establish a personal connection with your customers. A chance to delight and engage people while also educating them about the company’s values, mission, and benefits.

Let’s now look at the 6 top benefits that branded packaging offers your company.

1. Your First Impressions with Custom Packaging

Imagine that you are buying your first product from a brand new company.

It arrives in a packaging unlike anything you have ever seen. The packaging may be custom-made with the company logo but it is also deeper than that.

Packaging doesn’t feel corrugated cardboard. It is soft. Elegant. Refined. It’s easy to see that this is a product of high quality – even before you open the box.

This is the type of first impression brands want and can make when they have complete control over all aspects of their packaging.

2.Custom packaging serves as a marketing tool for your company

You can make your product look high-end, natural, mysterious, or joyful with custom packaging.

The pieces are perfectly assembled by using the correct colors and materials. The package is like a puzzle, where the real prize is in the inside. But half the fun is actually opening it.

Your brand has a story. Every brand wants to be meaningful, to connect with customers in a way that is relevant and interesting.

Your brand’s personality is reflected in custom packaging boxes. It’s often as important as the product itself in many cases.

3. You can have custom branded packaging boxes

You’ve probably seen an unboxing video on Youtube, Facebook or other social media sites. If so, you know how important custom packaging with your logo plays in the user experience.

This is not just one person opening a package before their friends, family and fans. It’s also an experience that is shared with others. Particularly for ecommerce packaging where the package is often all that your customer touches during the purchase process.

A brand expert introduces the brand to others, sometimes for the first time. It is their first time with the brand.

This social component demonstrates that people who see these unboxing videos are open to the idea of purchasing an item if they want to experience something extraordinary.

It was amazing to think that packaging could bring out such emotions and sensations. This is what Branded Packaging design and printing teams know and will work with you to ensure that your customers have a memorable experience.

4. You can make your products stand out with branded packaging

Some companies consider their custom packaging boxes as integral to their brand as their logo and name.

Most people have probably seen or heard about the small, blue Tiffany’s boxes with their distinctive color. Everyone around can see that it’s a Tiffany’s Box. It’s obvious that they have put so much thought into packaging.

Their box and its color have become so famous that they almost made their Branded Packaging into jewelry. You can now buy a Tiffany blue box necklace.

This is only one example. For example, if you wanted to convey your brand’s emphasis on being environmentally responsible, you might use recyclable or biodegradable packaging.

You can create custom packaging boxes by combining color, print material and packaging design.

5. It’s memorable to have custom branded packaging with your logo

Custom packaging design is a standout in a sea of bland, standard boxes.

Spot UV printing can make colors pop and can also be used to emboss or deboss your packaging to make it stand out from the rest of the products.

It is worth noting, however, that direct lighting can make it possible for certain types of printing to be used. This will allow you to create an attractive display that grabs the attention and makes your product stand out.

Even though your packaging may not be placed in this manner, there are many printing options that can make it standout on shelves and protect it from things like smudges and scuffs.

6. For small businesses, Branded Packaging is worth the investment

Custom packaging boxes with your logo can be more costly than standard stock packaging. However, it is not only for the biggest companies around the world.

Custom packaging is also beneficial for small businesses. Custom Branded Packaging are less expensive than you might think.

There are many benefits to custom packaging. From unique Branded Packaging textures and stylish printing options to attractive shapes and designs that make a lasting impression, there are numerous.

Packaging can elevate your brand and product to a higher level. 

Are you a candidate for custom packaging?

Custom boxes and brand packaging have many benefits that will elevate your product to a whole new level. It’s important to remember that you need to consider other factors, like the number of custom packaging prints you would like and the cost for designing the plates (for the printing process).

Even with all the wonder and magic that printing can bring, it is still a complicated industry. We are here to help, no matter if this is your first or second time printing product packaging.

Fast Custom Boxes is America’s largest wholesale custom-packaging vendor. We are here to help you get to know your company.

Who are your customers? What are their expectations from your product? What do you want your product to communicate when they open the box? What would you like them to feel? These things all matter as much as the product.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the number of printing options available for custom v. What is a “dyeline”? What is RGB and CMYK respectively? What is the Pantone Matching System? What is an aqueous coating? We want you to be able to understand all the options and still stay within your budget.

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