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Why Many Brands Choose Paper Cigarette Boxes?

by Nathan Zachary

Empty paper flip-top boxes are a trendy way many cigarette brands have chosen for the packaging purposes of their cigarettes. With an increase of new brands entering this industry, having a unique way of presenting your product is needed. This box style can protect your cigarettes. It has a smooth unboxing as well. Moreover, it is a better way of presenting your cigarettes to the world.

With the increasing cigarette demand, many new tobacco companies were seen growing. They all launched their cigarettes. These companies have been grabbing more attention. Unquestionably, the great competition amongst tobacco companies is tough.

Another main reason that some brands tend to overlook is the packaging. It is true to state that packaging is your brand identity. Hence, having unique packaging is essential. Your packaging allows people to differentiate between you and other brands. Furthermore, your packaging becomes a silent salesman for your brand in the industry. It convinces people to purchase your cigarettes.

Empty paper cigarette boxes are emerging in this industry for various reasons. With an appealing structure, this box style has gained popularity within a concise period!

Emerging and preferred packaging style

Empty paper flip-top boxes are a greatly accepted packaging not only by brands but the customers as well. It meets the customers’ demand of having a smooth opening while shielding the cigarettes. Bearing in mind the impact packaging holds, tobacco companies have directed their attention to it.

Once, the packaging was a neglected factor. However, now packaging, its aspects, and the box outlook are the factors stressed the most. Moreover, with such unique and creative packaging styles, getting your cigarettes a different packaging becomes fun.

Many companies now use blank paper flip-top cigarette boxes, making your packaging different is paramount. However, this can be done by personalizing your packaging!

Durable packaging

Keeping in mind that cigarettes have a fragile exterior, a proper shield is needed. Customers have time and again complained about finding their cigarettes damaged. Thus, to ensure that the cigarettes are not damaged, strong packaging is essential.

Since packaging was a neglected factor, brands did not pay attention to their packaging material as well. Thus, having proper protection for your cigarettes is paramount.

The custom CBD boxes are produced out of high-quality paperboard. Furthermore, you can also adjust the thickness of this stock material as well.

Eco-friendly packaging; A remarkable element

  • Eco-friendly packaging is the need of the hour
  • People now consider such forms of packaging to purchase for any product
  • harmful Boxes are now not chosen by buyers
  • All the stocks mentioned have high eco-friendly properties.
  • In today’s world, having environmentally friendly packaging is very important.
  • If your packaging isn’t eco-friendly, people will choose not to purchase it.
  • Even for cigarettes, you need to have eco-friendly boxes
  • Since cigarettes are largely purchased daily, it is important to have an eco-friendly element in your packaging.

Grab this exquisite box style at wholesale

Many brands look forward to purchasing this box style. However, with a restricted budget, they are unable to do so. As a result, the packaging gets compromised again. You can thus deal with this problem smartly!

You can grab this box style now at wholesale as well. Wholesale purchases are pocket-friendly. Moreover, you can also do the needful within a certain budget. Thus, you won’t have to worry about paying a high price for a better brand value. All you have to do is get your hands on wholesale purchases.

With a wholesale purchase, you not only work within your budget. Linked to it is a big benefit. Wholesale purchases help you to get a bulk purchase of your packaging. This way, you have your packaging stocked up as well. If you have a bulk of your packaging in stock, it will work significantly in favor of your brand. You will be able to ship your products to several stores easily. Wider availability of your cigarettes will help you improve sales and brand worth in the industry!


With the help of add-ons, you can give details to your boxes and make them attractive.

With the foiling feature, you can make the logo a unique look. You can outline or imprint your logo with a gold or silver foil. This will highlight your logo. Hence, your logo will become more attractive.

Embossing/debossing will give a 3D impact on the patterns or logo on your flip-top boxes. In other words, they will help you create magic in your boxes. It will make the overall outlook of your packaging unique.

Furthermore, you can also customize a die-cut. A die-cut allows you to see through a packaging without opening it. A high-quality PVC sheet also covers the die-cut area. Furthermore, this feature on your flip-top cigarette boxes will also add to its elegance.

Hence, with these add-ons, your boxes will become unique. They will gain all the attention. Your brand will then see a great increase in sales. Moreover, your brand can also become the leading one in the industry!

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