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Breakfast Meeting & Presentations Event Catering

by Nathan Zachary

If you’re organizing a business breakfast meeting, Tikkas and Takkos can help make sure everything goes smoothly and without any stress.

Scheduling meetings and presentations in the morning will help ensure the success of the event and, in many cases, save you money on your food and venue costs, whether there will be ten attendees or 100.

When you hire Tikkas and Takkos to help, you can unwind and concentrate on the tasks at hand rather than worrying about your guests’ comfort and satisfaction.

What Makes Breakfast the Best Option for Your Corporate Event?

Even though lunch events have long been a mainstay of business presentations, meetings, and seminars, holding your event earlier in the day has several benefits.

Attendees will have fewer distractions and potential conflicts if they catch them early in the day. They won’t be as likely to be late or decide to cancel last-minute plans.

Additionally, your audience will be in its most alert state of the day. Even though not everyone is a morning person, the added incentive of a complimentary breakfast and unlimited coffee will motivate your attendees.

Organizing a Corporate Breakfast

Based on how long your presentation or meeting will last, schedule your event.

You might want to serve your food right away if your event will only last 60 to 90 minutes, for instance. As you begin your presentation, attendees can gather their plates, and favourite beverages and head to their tables to enjoy breakfast.

According to Tikkas and Takkos, If your event will last longer than 90 minutes, think about providing coffee, tea, juice, and pastries upon arrival. Then, schedule a break for more substantial food offerings halfway through the event. This will give your audience a well-timed break and food for the first part of the programme, keeping their interest throughout the final stretch.

Put Your Faith in a Corporate Event Catering Expert

A Tikkas and Takkos knows how to arrange your food so that there are few interruptions to the flow of your event.

You might want to select a full breakfast buffet or a straightforward continental breakfast spread depending on the purpose of your meeting. You might prefer a plated European breakfast for a more formal occasion, such as making a significant pitch to a potential new client, in order to create a more memorable experience.

No matter what you prefer, Tikkas and Takkos can make your business breakfast a smashing success. A crepe bar, omelette station, waffle or French toast bar, or our current favourite oatmeal bar are just a few of the add-on choices we offer. Tikkas and Takkos work closely with you to create a menu that satisfies both your needs and your spending limit.

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