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Buying Lexani Wheels for 2023? Professionals Answer Some of Your FAQs!

by Nathan Zachary

There is a love-hate relationship between those who own premium vehicles and the brave new world of aftermarket rims. And it isn’t hush-hush at all.

People who own super-expensive luxury vehicles like the Rolls-Royce Ghost or Phantom, BMW’s all-new 7-series, or the Mercedes Maybach S-Class do not usually go around looking for car rims for sale! It’s not snobbery or arrogance at play. These deluxe passenger cars come fitted with stunning OE rims which almost never disappoint on any count.

Still, there is a growing number of such high-fliers who are indeed on the lookout for custom rims. Lexani Wheels is one of the handful of companies which have earned the trust of such discerning buyers.

If you surf the Internet for further information on Lexani and its products, you’ll find plenty of negative reviews submitted on forums and even uploaded by some YouTube creators. But these reviews always have a catch: they are essentially covert advertisements for competitors like Fuel Wheels among several others.

This discredits the original notion that Lexani’s products are sub-standard. In fact, these are some of the finest aftermarket rims available not only in the United States but worldwide.

Some of the facts mentioned here can appear contradictory. Hence, we went straight to our favorite retailers of branded rims in California – AudioCity USA. Like we have done several times previously, we sought out their professionals who understand customer sentiments as much as the technical aspects of high-end Lexani Wheels.

Here’s what we learned.

What makes Lexani stand apart from the competition?

Like Savini, another giant of the niche, Lexani is essentially a manufacturer of bespoke or custom rims. That means you can ask the company to build a set of wheels from scratch, a set which will be totally unique.

Lexani was founded in 1996 in California by Frank Hodges, a serial entrepreneur who’s also an expert in rim design. From the beginning, Hodges was bullish about breaking into the ‘Big Boys’ club as soon as possible. The easiest way was to remain an outlier by making only made-to-order rims which would earn that elusive tag of exclusivity and prestige which are essential for the moneyed.

Savini is often considered to be the closest rival of Lexani and for good reason. The former company has often driven demand in this sub-niche on its own. But Lexani has touched upon that oh-so-sweet point of form, function and style, something even Fuel Wheels has been unable to.

Is there any information on where these rims are manufactured?

Initially, all original Lexani Wheels were made in the United States at their mammoth factory in California. Contrary to rampant misinformation, they are still manufactured in the US. You might have heard how they have outsourced their operations to Nexen of South Korea.

That is only half-true. Did you know that Lexani also manufactures a number of tires too? Nexen, one of the world’s biggest and most prestigious tire majors, only makes high-grade tires for Lexani. Lexani imports them and ensures they are of unmatched quality.

But all Lexani car rims for sale are USA made! This is a pretty bald-faced lie spread by mala fide elements.

Sounds great! Any idea which models I should consider for 2023?

Lexani knows its target market very well and comes up with some of the most exciting custom rims each year. As 2023 comes near, they are lining up several all-new models designed to shock and awe onlookers!

Here are 3 options that’ll be very different from your usual Fuel Wheels or Enkei, XD, American Racing, RF or Ferrada rims among others.

  1. Lexani LF-159 Ghost: The flagship model of the company’s iconic ‘Ghost’ series of competition racing rims designed for extensive outdoor use, the LF-759 is a masterwork in metal alloy. It’s perfect for very specific vehicles like, say, the Rolls-Royce Cullinan, the sole SUV sold by Rolls.

From afar, the LF-759 looks rather staid. A closer inspection helps you decode why this forged concave wheel suits luxury sportscars and SUVs.

There are endless custom finish options while the rims themselves are available in 8 sizes  

  • Lexani Spyder SS: Known more fully as the Spyder ‘Sport Series’, this might surprise some of our readers because it’s a stainless-steel model. You won’t get these car rims for sale at just about any retailer; the Spyder might be a solid performer but moves pretty slowly off the shelves!

Only the best & most trusted outlets like California’s AudioCity USA stock them. We have spotted the Spyder up close; it was being tried on for measurements by the owner of a 2015 (or 2016) Chrysler 300.

Available in several eye-popping color combinations, the steel wonder is not as heavy as some competitors. It is extremely capable on off-road conditions.

If we only owned an actual ‘Spyder’ (the Porsche one), these would be our go-to rims for everyday use as well.

  • Lexani Pegasus: A reimagining of the classic wheels that dominated the 1950s and ‘60s, the Pegasus is perhaps the most handsome range offered by Lexani. Forget about your all-time favorite Fuel Wheels for a moment and bask in the glory of this beauty.

Lexani has slightly modified the straight spokes while the overall finish is perfected by CNC machining. Perfect for heavy-riders & nimble-handlers like the BMW Z4!

Wow! Any idea where I can get great discounts?

Well, you can check out AudioCity USA, a 33-year-old retailer of aftermarket rims. They store some of the most hard-to-get street-legal rims and advertise their ‘lowest price guarantee’ on lots of different models.

Besides, since Lexani Wheels cost a pretty penny, you might require financing. That too will be taken care of by the retailer. Visit their website or their new, 2-storied showroom in Santa Fe Springs, CA.

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