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What to Do After Failing In CA Exams So many Times?

by Nathan Zachary
What to Do after Failing in CA Exams

Chartered Accountancy, or the CA Exams, is divided into three levels: CA Foundation, CA Intermediate, and CA Final. The CA Exams are considered to be as most difficult exams of all. The exams are conducted at the National level, and the Insitute of Chartered Accountancy of India is responsible for conducting the Chartered Accountancy Exam in India.

Further, the passing percentage for the CA Exams remains significantly less. Most students face failure during their first attempts, or sometimes, again and again, they face this. However, the CA Foundation’s Passing percentage is approximately 25-30%. Whereas for Intermediate and Final, it’s just approx 10% or less.

The Chartered Accountancy exam demand complete hard work, dedication, and passion to pass the Exam. If you study seriously with a proper method, nobody can stop you from passing the Exam. However, failure raises the question, should I continue or not? But, before skipping this, think once that you have invested a lot of time and Money in the course. Therefore, we are here to provide you with some advice on what to do if you fail the CA Exam.

Tips that will help you to pass CA Exams

Firstly, before starting the tips, the students are asked not to get nervous or demotivated if they fail the Exam. Now, let’s look at the tips:

1. Believe in Yourself

The first thing you must follow is to believe in yourself that “You Can Do It”. Nothing can stop you from being a Chartered Accountant. Failure is part of every Exam, and every student is not the same. So, if your friend passes the Exam and you can’t, then don’t get nervous. In that case, you must open your books and start studying again.

2. Follow Proper TimeTable

Studying without planning is one of the biggest reasons for failure. However, the students used to make schedules but didn’t follow them. One should make a proper timetable for daily what should be studied in a day. Moreover, don’t make unachievable schedules. Make something achievable and realistic. Plan your schedule very correctly, which includes short breaks and sleep.

3. Stop Skipping the Topics

This is very important. Most of us skip the topics in between and usually think this will not come in the Exams and seems unimportant. Remember that every topic is essential. Because in exams that topic will come which you have skipped. Although prioritizing some topics is very important, you must cover every small and significant topic as ICAI can give anything in the Exam.

4. Three Times Revision

The CA syllabus is fairly extensive for all three levels. It is not possible to pass the CA exam in just one reading. So, what you should do is three months before the Exam, you must complete your entire syllabus. Last, three months only revisions. If you do the whole subject revision in 1 month and the following two times in the remaining two months, then during the exam time, you have to read the syllabus.

Moreover, follow a pattern for revision. During the first time, revise everything, and mark some imp topics and questions. The second time, solve or study only those questions that you find relevant and keep the questions that you think it’s hard. And during the third time, only solve the questions you have marked.

5. Solve Mock Test Papers

Before the exams, ICAI conducts the mock test series. So, they should attempt that mock test series and solve revision test papers and previous ear Question Papers. However, the students can download the Mock test papers from ICAI official Website. Moreover, the students must take a test series conducted by the Coachings.

6. Prepare Two Subjects for Exemption

The next thing that one must follow after failure is to stop reading for 40 Marks and try preparing for Exemption. An exemption means that you must get 60 or 60+ marks in subjects. Further, the students must find out where they have full confidence and can do better. So, what happens with the Exemption is if suppose you get 60+ marks in any two or one subject, then this will increase your aggregate marks, and once your aggregate is increased, this will help you to pass the Exam.

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Take Away

You have seen the advice to pass the CA Exams in the article above. However, these suggestions won’t benefit you if you don’t put in the effort. Working hard is the first step to passing any exam. Additionally, if you want to learn more about CA, go to CA Wizard.

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